View Full Version : Another nice ebay Lyon&Healy

Richard Singleton
Mar-03-2009, 8:03pm
This mandolin appears to be in better shape than the L&H/Washburn mandola that is also on ebay.


barney 59
Mar-03-2009, 8:15pm
That mandolin has a current price of $760 with only 2 days to go. Probably snipers lurking but those are very nice mandolins. Tonally very different from a Gibson and not for bluegrass but for just about anything else they are really wonderful sounding. If I wasn't engaged with another deal and all my money tied up I'd be really interested in this one, especially if the price stays low.

Jim Garber
Mar-04-2009, 9:54pm
I would be surprised if the price stays low. That one has the longer scale (symmetrical points). Later they went to the shorter 13 inch scale. Book value is $3500-4000.

Mar-05-2009, 4:43pm
It takes courage to bid on an instrument with headstock damage as shown below, without seeing it in hand. I guess sellers don't realize that a condition like this, without very accurate information, will scare off the great majority of buyers.

Richard Singleton
Mar-05-2009, 9:55pm
This one went for $2,212.00. Anyone from the Cafe?

Mar-05-2009, 9:56pm
Not me ... I already have one L&H with headstock damage.

jeff mercer
Mar-10-2009, 7:48pm
Here's another one..

110362402274..( sorry, all, don't know how to do that link thing..)

In need of some serious TLC, but the damage looks mainly cosmetic if the dodgy-looking repairs have held together..gorgeous mandolins, aren't they?

No play $$ at the moment, so hope a lucky Cafe member might pick it up at a good price..

Be warned, though..the seller insists that you not "whinge or complain" if you're not satisfied :)

oh...okay then...

Mar-11-2009, 12:23am
Be warned, though..the seller insists that you not "whinge or complain" if you're not satisfied...oh...okay then...

Won't work for me, I'm a chronic whinger.

Mar-11-2009, 12:25am
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200319005376)

I had a feeling the guy might let himself be talked into a BIN ... and I would've offered more than that for it too! :crying::crying::crying::crying:

jeff mercer
Mar-11-2009, 6:04am
Martin, I feel your pain :(

I'm incredibly surprised it went so low.. I thought, even in that condition, it would still fetch in the region of $1200 +...

Allen, please feel free to whinge away..I'll join you..that has GOT to be one of the best ebay scores I've seen in a long while..

Hope it went to someone on the Cafe ?

Is'nt "whinge away" an old folk tune ? What a great concept..a whole choir singing "Wimoweh", while someone raps a litany of complaints over the top..

Mar-11-2009, 3:28pm
What did it go for?

I can't bring myself to type it. You can find out, if you really want to know.

I guess the reason I didn't e-mail the guy and ask if he wanted to do a BIN was that he evidently did historical research -- including browsing the Cafe! -- and posted all kinds of info about L&H in his ad. I figured anyone who'd done that amount of digging would be reasonably well informed on the instrument's value. Apparently I was mistaken.

jim simpson
Mar-11-2009, 9:29pm
Did the headstock have a scarf joint rather than a repair? (and what did he sell it for?)