View Full Version : #16 , Dola , finished

french guy
Mar-03-2009, 6:40am
Hello all ,

Here some pictures of the latest construction .
a mandola 16" scale , with species as following :
Strings are D'addario J76 , 15/25/35/52 except for one C string witch is mandolin D string .26 and one G string .15
Bridge is homemade out of ebony and bone .
endpin also from ebony and bone
original tailpiece from brass & ebony .
gloss finish .

thank for looking , Jean

Mar-03-2009, 7:03am
Really beautiful stuff Jean, as usual! Great design and features, wonderful!

Skip Kelley
Mar-03-2009, 9:12am
Jean, very nice dola! I love the black top. I bet it sounds great!

Mar-03-2009, 9:31am
Sweet, Jean. That really is a beauty.