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Jul-30-2004, 3:07pm
Just wanted to let folks know, in case you don't already know, that the latest version of Windows Media Player (9) has a feature that enables you to slow down the play of an electronic music file by 50% #(or speed it up) without changing the pitch.

I know there's an excellent product called "The Amazing Slow-downer", but it costs $40. #the Media Player is a free download from microsoft. #It is designed to work with computers running Windows XP, but they seem to have versions for other operating systems.

For learning fast runs, this REALLY helps!!


Jul-30-2004, 3:28pm
I've tried it, but when you have to slow it down very much, the sound gets weird, at least that happened to me when I slowed down Cherokee shuffle (Aubrey Haynie's recording), I could barely hear what he was playing. also, it works only if you have the tune on your computer, not from CDs. But, it's better than nothing if you don't have the Amazing slowdowner!

Jul-30-2004, 3:38pm
yeah, it's true that if it's slowed down to 50%, the sound does suffer... however, I've found it clear enough to be able to learn the tune, and then move it up percentage-wise until it's at the regular speed.

not ideal, but worth knowing about...

Aug-01-2004, 7:34am
I put on that download and found it really helpfull. Down side is I likes it so much I wanted to slow down some of my CD's and play with them, so I ended up buying the "amazing slowdown program". So it wasn't really free.

Mark Normand
Aug-03-2004, 10:27am
Winamp also is free and has a slowdowner add-on, if anyone needs another choice.

Aug-03-2004, 12:50pm
Audacity has the same feature if you import the file and Audacity is the program you are using to export the .mp3 file anyway.

Aug-07-2004, 6:06pm
Winamp also is free and has a slowdowner add-on, if anyone needs another choice.
how do you slow it down? I can't find any buttons or anything.

Mark Normand
Aug-08-2004, 7:06pm
sda..go to winamp.com and on the top right search "add-ons" for "tempo" I see a couple, I use pacemaker's myself.
Just download, read, and follow directions.

Aug-09-2004, 8:43am
Amazing Slow Downer is an Amazing program ... and well worth the shareware fee. It does a LOT more than slowdown tunes (+200% by -20%). Change pitch, simple equalizer, opens several file types -- and you can have a whole list of tunes loaded. Allows you to set start/stop points so you don't have to find them everytime you play. And best of all you can save your slowed down tune as aiff, mp3, acc, or Quicktime to play later -- at the speed you want to learn at. This is a great little program and worth much more than $40 dollars.
If you use your computer as a learning tool, like I do, it is a valuable addition to the music application group. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif