View Full Version : Washburn/Lyon&Healy Mandola(?) on ebay

Richard Singleton
Mar-02-2009, 1:51pm
Sure do love the looks of this one, wish I could afford it!

Mar-02-2009, 9:58pm
That sure is a beaut::)

Mar-03-2009, 1:44am
Collectors won't want it because of the damage. Could be a pretty dicey repair. Whoever buys it will have to lay out a few smackers to have it fixed. The price might stay within reason -- we'll see.

Mar-03-2009, 2:14am
Didn't one of the big dealers (MBros?) have one of these with the same dark brown finish? IIRC it had a thinned neck, but was otherwise similar. Are there L&H mandolins with this finish?

Jim Garber
Mar-03-2009, 11:32pm
I don't know, I have seen Gibsons with that warped rim and they are repairable ... doesn't look that bad too me, fixable and worth putting the money into such an instrument. No doubt that would devalue the instrument some but I still think it is no deal killer as far as I can figure.

The weak point of these is the neck joint and this one, at least from the photos, looks good. IMHO this is not an unreasonable starting price and I predict that this will go to at least $3000 or even more. Style A mandolins go for $4000 and up nowadays, and this is much rarer. We shall see...

Mar-04-2009, 3:04am
I should think it reasonable to pay the starting bid (~$2K) for the mandola and then spend $500-750 having it put right. But we'll see.

Bob A
Mar-04-2009, 10:59pm
These things are scarce as hen's teeth. In days of yore you could always find a style A mandolin for sale somewhere, but this is maybe the third mandola I've seen, ever.

The repair is not a major deal, I wouldn't think. If I had any money I'd be chasing this one.

Mar-05-2009, 12:57am
Is that cut-out around the soundhole in the pickguard original or did someone do that afterwards?

Bob A
Mar-05-2009, 2:08pm
I believe it is original; I believe the guard is vulcanised rubber, or whatever the orignal guard was made of, nertainly not ebony.

Mar-05-2009, 2:27pm
Other L&H instruments have the same pickguard cutout.

Richard Singleton
Mar-11-2009, 9:59pm
Wow! this one went for $5,700! Was only $2,300 up until the final few minutes.

Mar-11-2009, 11:08pm
That makes me feel better. I never could have paid that much for it.

Jim Garber
Mar-12-2009, 1:11pm
Boy I underestimated that one, tho I am never really surprised. There are still people out there buying these things.