View Full Version : J.L. Smith 4-String Electric

Feb-28-2009, 1:35pm
This is another one of my 4-string Electrics with a new color scheme, that I recently sold.
I had inquiries about building a black one, so this was built as a spec. model, and I added a Maple Fingerboard. I will soon be showing some Flamed and Quilted Maple overlay models with bindings for something different. Please excuse the $ sign on the title! I shifted when I shouldn't have!

Feb-28-2009, 2:58pm
I love the black color John. Somebody else must have liked it also, as it looks like it sold pretty quick. You're always doing something new. Keep up the good work!

Ken Olmstead
Feb-28-2009, 7:54pm
mmmm, that looks good! Mint green guard would be pretty sweet as well!

Feb-28-2009, 8:43pm
Nice! I've always had a preference for the maple board Teles and Strats.

Mar-01-2009, 8:00pm
Mighty Fine work there, Captain John!!! And, Chief is right, that thing sold as fast as lightning!!!