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Feb-26-2009, 12:15pm
I decided i want to start a web site like the mandolin archives for Derrington signe Master models. I have a lot of pictures but no way of identifing serial numbers. I have a few that people have sent me pics with info but not enough to warrant web space. I have searched the message board but the task is pretty daunting of pulling pictures off of there and then making sure that I have the right info for each pic.
i was wondering if the great members of the Mandolin cafe would post there pics here with all of the info and then I will pull it and enter it on the site. also if anyone has any advice on where would be the best place to set up a free site I would appreciate it. i was planning on using windows office live because i can set up a site there for free but i didn't know if there were any beter options.

Michael Cameron
Feb-27-2009, 2:16pm
carles,I have been trying to post pics of my Derrington here for the last few days. Something changed in my Mac/Photobucket "copy/paste" abilities.
STILL don't know what's going on...may get over to Webshots and see if I can get it working there.

Maybe I could send pics to your e-mail?

My Derrington,V70416, was signed on August,18,2004. Only particulars on this mando,I asked for and got:
radiused fretboard with "Bush" frets
dark cremona 'burst
side bound
asymmetric pattern of red maple curls(not tiger-striped)
abbreviated pickguard

Also,I asked for a 3-piece neck;but,no can do...

I am the original owner of this mandolin;it has been well-played and well loved. Needs frets already.

Feb-27-2009, 3:17pm
You can send them to my email carleshicks@msn.com.

Michael Cameron
Feb-27-2009, 4:34pm
I believe I was told the back wood is slab-cut(?) Don't know.

Michael Cameron
Feb-27-2009, 4:48pm
Please excuse my computer ignorance. I have "some-timer's" disease.

Mar-01-2009, 3:47pm
I am kind of ignorant also. i didn't realise it until I started looking intro putting together a web sight.