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Jul-30-2004, 4:12am
Hi all,

I was litening to a label sampler from M.C. Records, when I came across Cherry Tree by Big Jack Johnson & the Oilers. On this song BJJ plays a very solid mandolin rhythm.

A quick search learned that he plays mandolin more oftern, including electric slide mandolin.

For a picture and description see: Big Jack Johnson (http://jwblues.com/BigJackJohnson/BigJackJohnson.htm)


Jul-30-2004, 4:14am
by the way, any speculations on what mando BJJ plays on the picture?

Jul-30-2004, 4:37am
Hey Sellars

Big Jack plays cool blues mandolin ! Check out the CD with Harp Player Kim Wilson " Memphis Barbecue Session ". There is mando on 2 tracks and well worth the money for the CD . The Song "Donīt care nothing" is a killer ! The mando Big Jack plays on your link is a Fender I think...

If you like Big Jack you should try Alvin Youngblood Hart too. Has some Blues mandolin on his CDīs too ( mainly he is a guitarrist ). Try the CD "Down in the alley" which has 2 Mando tracks . Superb - is the only description that fits !

Enjoy !