View Full Version : A jr case

Feb-22-2009, 7:04pm
I just bought a Gibson a-jr (yeah!). Will the original case for an A thru A4 Gibson mando of the same period fit the junior? I think they are all the same deminsions but Im not sure. Also does the snakehead vs paddle head make a difference in the case shape?

Charles Johnson
Feb-22-2009, 10:14pm
They are the same size. Any teens/20s case will fit - actually, any case that will fit a Gibson A style will fit. Snakehead or paddle peghead does not make a difference.


Feb-23-2009, 9:41pm
Thanks Charles. Does the a-jr usually come with a hard case or a soft case?

Feb-24-2009, 2:04pm
Oops..I just noticed I put this in the ebay forum...can someone move it to the vintage instrument forum? Thanks! Goodin

Jonathan James
Feb-24-2009, 2:07pm
my '24 Gibson A-Jr (all original) came with a shaped hard case.