View Full Version : economando by Silverangel

Feb-20-2009, 10:40am
here's the latest economando from my shop.

Chuck Naill
Feb-20-2009, 11:07am

You sure do not scrimp on tonewoods for the econo mandolins. To say the maple is beautiful is an understatement. :whistling:

Lawn Jockey
Feb-20-2009, 3:56pm
Ken, I'll be back in touch with you shortly on the A-4 we talked about.

Someone is going to get a super looking A-5. Awesome work.

Feb-20-2009, 8:31pm
Great work, Ken.


Feb-20-2009, 8:48pm
Ken, your economando has to be one of the best quality buys out there right now.

Feb-20-2009, 8:50pm
One piece back on that economando, sweet stuff.

John M. Riley
Feb-22-2009, 8:47pm
Incredible...I sure am looking forward to mine.

Skip Kelley
Feb-24-2009, 7:53am
Ken, I really like this mandolin. Top notch wood in it too! I love your peghead shape and how the "R" matchs the shape perfectly!

Feb-24-2009, 8:05am
thanks guys, I appreciate the comments......

Kevin Briggs
Feb-24-2009, 8:27am
Great idea, Ken. Can you PM me to tell me the price?


Mark Walker
Feb-25-2009, 9:05am
I'd wager Ken doesn't keep any '2nd-tier' tonewoods around his shop - even for his 'economy' mandolins.
(I know the secret of his wood source! ;) )

That's a beautiful instrument Ken! Keep up the great work!

Michael Cameron
Feb-25-2009, 9:52pm
Silverangel mandolins are not plentiful here in central Georgia;but,I have started attending a little jam on Tues. nite where a mandolin picker there has a Silverangel. So,I get to play one about once a week!

Paul is the guy with the Silverangel. It has an angel on the back and carving on the back. Great tone,easy action,beautiful looks=great instrument!

I want one.