View Full Version : What's the scam on this Weber Fern?

Feb-19-2009, 5:42pm
Here's the Craigslist link for a Weber Fern on Craigslist, supposedly located in Michigan:


I emailed thru Craigslist, and got this reply:

John Mattson [mjhonarmy@gmail.com]


Thanks for your inquiry. It is still for sale at the price of $1300. Everything is in perfect working order, and 100% original. You could not pick up as i am deployed with my job in England (unit is in US), but we still can get the ball rolling through eBay.

Let me know. Thank you

I'm not gonna reply to "John" at his gmail address. One of you guys can, if you want a great deal on a Weber Fern! I'm just kinda wondering where this would go from here if I were to respond to him. And if this is obviously a scam, I guess we could get on Craigslist and flag his ad. He's been on there for about a week without getting flagged.

Gerard Dick
Feb-19-2009, 6:15pm
It's flagged for removal.

Feb-19-2009, 7:52pm
Maybe the same "$1300" scam that was in this thread:

Feb-19-2009, 11:16pm
I know for a fact that it is a scam.
He also had a 1923 AJR listed in Wisconsin at the same time.
He starts at $1800 and then a few days later he posts a new ad with minor changes and drops it to $1300.

Feb-23-2009, 2:33am
Yep, same scam. Now the scammer is in England for his work. That boy sure gets around ... he was here in WA just a few days ago.