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Jake Wildwood
Feb-18-2009, 10:19pm
Just posted photos of a bowlback I sold in December at my blog. It's a c.1910/1915 or so Stella with a rosewood bowl. Check it out here:


Feb-19-2009, 7:51pm
Nice job.

I restored the same model of Stella. Mine was in tougher shape than the one you had. The paper pickguard was almost totally gone and the top had quite a bit of material loss. The fingerboard was a soft wood of some kind dyed black. It had dents worn into it. Several of the staves were unglued as well.

The restoration turned out pretty well, except that I sanded down the fingerboard and it really should have been replaced as I had to grind some material off the tangs of the frets to get them in deep enough.

Of course none of this made any kind of economic sense, but it doesn't have to make economic sense does it?

Dave in New Brunswick

Feb-20-2009, 9:52am
jake - with your remaining bowlback you might consider joining the "brotherhood of the bowl" over in the "music by genre" section of the forum - under "classical, medieval etc.." ... round-heads - cavaliers all.


Feb-21-2009, 12:32am
Very nice! I love the old Oscar Schmidt Stella instruments. I don't have a mandolin like yours, but I'd like to find one. I restored this guitar a while back. A cousin to your mandolin, I guess. :)