View Full Version : unknown year of puglisi reale mandolin

Feb-18-2009, 3:10pm
hello mandolin experts ( i hope? ha ha)
i have just come across a "Puglisi reale & Fugli" mandolin..i can not locate a year but it seems a model on the sticker inside is maybe Catania and the sticker is signed....i dont know what year it is and we are wondering about its potential value? it is in good condition except for a crack on outer back shell - is there somewhere i can get an approximate evaluation ?? - i am in canada
many thanks

Bruce Clausen
Feb-18-2009, 4:12pm
Welcome to the Cafe! I'm sure some real experts will be along presently. Did you attempt to post a photo?


Martin Jonas
Feb-19-2009, 7:38am
Cafe regular Plamen Ivanov is our resident Puglisi expert, and should be able to say more. Generally, Catania (in Sicily) was, and to some extent still is, the centre of cheap-and-cheerful Italian lutherie. Mandolins made there were generally intended for more massmarket distribution with the higher-regarded luthiers being based in Naples or Rome (although there were many low-grade mandolins made in Naples as well). That said, of all the Catania makers, Puglisi seem to have the best track record for good-quality instruments. I have heard recording's of Plamen's Puglisi and he's getting a very nice tone from it indeed. There is every chance that yours is a well-made mandolin.

It is unlikely, however, to be particularly valuable. Puglisis in good condition appear on Ebay quite frequently, especialle in Germany which was their main export market, and they tend to go for prices between 100 and 300 Euro, sometimes a bit more for an exceptional specimen or if there's a bidding war between two keen bidders. As for age, most Puglisis I've seen had a date on the label, ranging from around 1890 to 1920. I would think that that's roughly the time during which this maker was active, but Plamen should be able to be more precise.

For any more info, having a photo of your mandolin, and a close-up of the label, would be useful.