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John Rosett
Jul-28-2004, 9:21pm
okay, let's try again...

Jul-28-2004, 9:26pm
Very nice and unique. You must be quite the creative one! I like it.

Jul-29-2004, 9:20am
how unique and beautiful. love the shape and the color

John Rosett
Jul-29-2004, 10:36am
well, i just can't get the opther pics on here, but if you want to see them, try going to: www.msnusers.com/rosettpics
#i don't know if it'll work or not.if it doesn't, just come on over to the house...
# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #john

Magnus Geijer
Jul-29-2004, 12:34pm
Lemme try... REALLY neat looking mando, by the way.

Magnus Geijer
Jul-29-2004, 12:35pm
And the last one.

John Rosett
Jul-29-2004, 12:51pm
thanks, i really like it. you should see the 5-string tenor guitar that paul brought to weiser.

Jul-29-2004, 6:11pm
Thats real sweet! I seen Paul at Stevenson last weekend but didn't didn't catch a look at the stable of instruments he had with him. He's doing some fine work.

Jul-29-2004, 7:26pm
wow just when you think innovation is done...cool http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif

Rob Powell
Jul-30-2004, 10:55am
Oh my gawd...I love this...and I'd love it even more in a blond!

Jul-30-2004, 5:23pm
Very, very nice. I've always liked the body shape of the Kay which this seems to have elements of, but then add the lower point and transition to the lower point plus that nice subtle sunburst and this is just plain stunning.

Aug-01-2004, 2:01pm
Woaaa.... That tail end point looks so much better than Gibson's silly leg biter.

John Rosett
Aug-01-2004, 3:19pm
yeah, it is alot more comfortable on the right leg. i hadn't really thought about that.

Aug-02-2004, 3:56pm
Sound, how does it sound? I thought the Arrow F on the '02 Mandolin Tasting CD was great.

John Rosett
Aug-02-2004, 4:53pm
it's a GREAT sounding mandolin. it has a 14 7/8" scale' and i think that that contributes to it's big sound and sustain. it's bright, but rich at the same time. bright enough for bluegrass, but complex and responsive enough for anything i want to play. i have a '13 gibson A and a recent prucha A, and it's very different than either one. i think that it'll cut right through in my six piece band.
i'm still experimenting with strings- the d'addario j74's were too bright and high-tension, and i've got ghs silk and steels on it now, which are really good. i'm going to try some thomastik mediums next.

Aug-12-2004, 2:32pm
Did someone say they wanted to see a blonde? #Here is my Arrow G! She is Prototype #1

Aug-12-2004, 2:36pm
Here is her back side, isn't she sweet!

John Rosett
Aug-12-2004, 2:47pm
just beautiful! what number is it?

Rob Powell
Aug-12-2004, 2:48pm
Man oh, man......Yes, blonde was what I asked for...and lookie at dat!

Holy Moses..the contrast with the top is simply stunning!

Aug-12-2004, 3:10pm
She is "Prototype" #1. I believe Paul Lestock is holding tightly onto the "actual" #1. I know he has had quite a few offers in the short time he has been playing it.

Ted Eschliman
Aug-12-2004, 3:33pm
I don't know what's more compelling, pics on this thread or the missus' (unsolicited) Victoria's Secret catalogs she keeps trying to throw away.
All I do know is I better not get caught by her looking at either, or I'm in deep doo doo...

Scotti Adams
Aug-12-2004, 5:07pm
..yea..Ted..Im with you....beats anything Ive ever stepped in...Great looking mandos by the way....

John Rosett
Aug-12-2004, 5:35pm
would you like me to post a picture of the mando wearing it's sexy little black strap?

Aug-12-2004, 8:36pm
Woof! Very sweet, BlackieG...


Aug-13-2004, 5:12pm
Meow! Thanks, I'm really happy with her!

Aug-14-2004, 6:37pm
Arrow guitars and mandos....
I commissioned a 4 string from Paul. I haven't even picked up my Sullivan 8 stringer since I got it... though I plan on using a magnetic pickup on it, it is an astounding sounding acoustic mandolin, very alive and responsive, you can hear the wood (and a cannon to boot) #He has built several Archtop and Flat-tops guitars that are just as a incredible... My advice would be if you are even thinking about getting an Arrow.. better do it now, before he goes to the top of the food chain...


Aug-20-2004, 9:59am
Hey Jazz Mando - maybe we could see a photo of yours!

John Rosett
Mar-22-2005, 5:11pm
i'm just bumping this up because i have it for sale due to hand problems. please excuse my crass commercialism.

Jeffrey Lewis
Mar-24-2005, 4:33pm
Looks kindof like a Giacomel to me... http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/mandosmiley.gif #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/mandosmiley.gif

John Rosett
Apr-19-2005, 11:30am
a little more crass commercialisim. still for sale in the classifieds....

Apr-19-2005, 11:37am
I like Paul's mandolins. They have a sort of snakehead tone to them.