View Full Version : 0-45...Happy Valentines Day Dear

Feb-14-2009, 6:43pm
Good timing, eh? :)

Feb-14-2009, 6:44pm

Feb-14-2009, 6:50pm
Wow! Hans, I don't play guitar, but if I didn't have a Brentrup mandolin taking up all my thoughts at this moment I think I'd be willing to give it a try with a beauty like that!

Jim Broyles
Feb-14-2009, 7:06pm
Looks like she was sitting in the dining room not the parlor!:)

joshua collum
Feb-14-2009, 7:13pm
Umm.......can I be your valentine next year?
That is really very beautiful sir.....nice work as usual!

Feb-14-2009, 7:14pm
s'more indeed ... absolutely beautiful - complimenti!

Feb-14-2009, 7:32pm
I can see you're still paying her well to put up with your curmudgeonly self, Hans; well done.

Ken Olmstead
Feb-14-2009, 8:45pm
Now THAT"S Amore!! :) Simply beautiful Hans, of course the guitar is nice as well!! :))

Feb-14-2009, 8:46pm
That's amazing.

Bill James
Feb-14-2009, 8:50pm
Beautiful Hans.

Geez I hope my wife doesn't see this....

Feb-14-2009, 9:29pm
Wonderful, Hans. Maureen and that guitar are the picture of Valentines Beauty. Congratulations to you both.


Feb-14-2009, 10:17pm
Excellent Hans. And a big congratulations Maureen. A real beauty and the guitar is nice too.
Best wishes from the left coast.

Feb-14-2009, 10:26pm
That is really nice! So, was it a surprise?

Feb-14-2009, 10:32pm
Let's give a big 'hat's off' to Hans, the most romantic luthier, and a pretty good craftsman too. I'll come visit sometime and now I have another reason. That's one sweet looking guitar there. Maureen must love the thing and it's builder. Not many people can say something like that! Thank's for sharing this with us Hans. This is really special.

Feb-14-2009, 11:34pm
Dang, Hans! You must of dropped everything to finish that guitar that fast! I've had projects in the planning stage for years and you just whipped out that great looking guitar while I was sanding...

Feb-14-2009, 11:55pm
Stunning, Hans! What a beautiful instrument.

Feb-15-2009, 7:20am
Hans, you know we would a little 0-45 sound tasting. That guitar is absolutely stunning!!!

Feb-15-2009, 8:03am
Hey thanks guys! Surprise? HAH! When's the last time you could hide anything from your wife? :)
Seriously, she knew right away when I mentioned Joan Baez' 0-45 that Bob Dylan used.
John, lots of midnight oil burnt (especially installing the binding and purfling), but you know that flat top guitars are much easier than mandolins. Wouldn't say that I whipped it out though. This is the first guitar I've built in 37 years! Was I anxious to finish it? Yuh! All that said, I'm tired! Finishing two mandolins, a guitar and working on 4 necks for new mandolins has worn me out.
I'm takin' today off!
I had to :)) when I took it down to The Podium to show the owner and talk about what's selling. I went through great pains to make this look authentic with stripy compression grain red spruce top, dark beautiful BR back and sides and varnish.
So, what sells? A Tastee bread top, straight grain back and sides (doesn't much matter EIR or hog), and shiny lacquer finish. Ahh well...
We are waiting for the return of Dakota Dave Hull (on tour overseas) for the final verdict on the tone, but I can tell you that it (new) sounds better than Maureen's '65 D35 BR (no slouch) and is very competitive with her '39 Nick Lucas except for the "slight" age difference and BR vs hog. It's loud, very even across the strings with none of that steely brashness of trebles on a new lacquer guitar.

Zeke, you ole' mandolooney! Have 6 cups of coffee on me! :)

Mark Walker
Feb-15-2009, 8:44am
Hans - VERY, VERY beautiful! Maureen is a lucky spousal unit! :) Beautiful roses too!

I showed it to my wife, and she was very impressed. (She doesn't play anything except the radio.)

However, I don't think she'll be commissioning you to craft anything for me just yet.... Maybe at some point after we drop in to visit you! (She did get me a Valentine's Day card!)

Keep up the great work; congrats to you both!

Skip Kelley
Feb-15-2009, 9:23am
Hans, That is awesome! Nice work!

Eric Platt
Feb-15-2009, 10:06am

Beautiful. And looks like exceptional work. Hopefully you'll bring it to Winter Weekend so I can look at it.

And, unfortunately, I can see where the Podium's thinking was on that guitar. Folks want a perceived notion of visually perfect rather than the best sounding instrument. (Nothing against the Podium. Been a steady customer there for 25+ years.) And that top is probably too colorful for some customers.

Feb-15-2009, 10:47am
Agreed Eric, no disrespect to Jeff or the Podium. My musings were directed toward the perceived notions of the misinformed general public that shiny white bread is better than whole grain. Jeff told me that they had to send their varnished guitars back because they had to require folks to buy them before they could try them. I value Jeff's opinion, he does know what sells.
I will have the instrument at the festival.

Feb-15-2009, 6:21pm
Absolutely stunning guitar!!

Dan Voight
Feb-15-2009, 7:57pm

Feb-16-2009, 11:18am
All I did was make my wife Chocolate Creme Brulee! (and the rst of the dinner)
Hans, I think you pretty much got the job right, It looks "right " to me!

Feb-16-2009, 1:59pm
Any plans of more guitar building in the future or was this just a one shot deal? It's pretty impressive looking either way.

Feb-16-2009, 2:22pm
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm! Sweeeeettt!

Stephanie Reiser
Feb-19-2009, 5:45am
Very, very impressive!

Feb-19-2009, 7:27am
Thanks again folks!
Wesley, folks have been after me for years to get back into guitar building, so I'm taking the plunge.

Feb-20-2009, 6:52am
Wow! That's absolutely gorgeous! Like many others, I would love to hear a good sound recording of this.

Feb-21-2009, 4:54am

Feb-24-2009, 1:31am
I am not a guitar player, but I was in MN today hanging with Hans and got to hear the new 0-45. That thing wails! Talk about a serious guitar, for that kind of sound I would have expected some kind of jumbo sized body. It has an incredibly rich, resonant tone and none of that jangly, metallic sound. It's simultaneously powerful and sweet, I don't really know how that works out, but evidently the only thing better than its looks is the tone!

Big Joe
Feb-24-2009, 8:11am
Hans...I don't DARE show this thread to Mary! She would wonder why she did not get one and I could not use the excuse I don't have anywhere to build it. I would have to be honest and just tell her I am too lazy :) . Beautiful job. However, now that she has the guitar whe probably does not need that Pink Ivory mandolin and I'd be glad to take that....just to help her. You know how heavy Pink Ivory is :) . Another great job from one of my favorite builders...and people!

Michael Cameron
Feb-24-2009, 7:09pm
The Brentrup 0-45...varnish,abalone,slotted,BR,that spruce! All in a nice little package. Beauty! Well done,sir.

There's a Brentrup pink ivory mandolin!? Did
I miss the pics?

Somebody gimme the skinny,K?

Feb-24-2009, 8:48pm
Michael Cameron, see it here (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22614&highlight=Pink+Ivory+Eclipse).


Feb-25-2009, 7:47am
Thank you Joe! You will have to speak to Maureen about the PI Eclipse, she'd kill me if I let it go.
Issac, you have that 23V broken in yet?
Michael, that spruce is basically considered "bottom of the barrel" spruce by most builders. I find it to be the cream of the crop, and fits perfectly with the recreation of vintage instruments. I just bought 20 Englemann tops with the same look for $5/top!

Michael Cameron
Feb-25-2009, 10:31pm
Pink Ivory mandolin.

This is the kettle calling the pot names;but,that is so,very,sick,in a good way. I love white-top mandolins,like Gibson A-3.

In some parallel universe, where I can do so,I have already ordered a Brentrup, O-18 with candy-stripe mahogany. Also,a Brentrup mandolin with
snakewood back&sides.

I let Hans pick the top wood;and,made a personal visit to get neck dimensions perfect for my little paws.

Yep. I TOOK my meds.