View Full Version : Just finished: c.1920s Unmarked Regal Style

Jake Wildwood
Feb-05-2009, 8:04pm
A while ago I posted some photos of an unmarked mandolin c.1920s/1930s that is typically seen with a Regal, Lyon & Healy, or Supertone label. At that time, I was resetting the neck and bulking up the neck block. I've since finished the mandolin off, and per the request of the customer, did it as no-frills as possible. It's got a spruce top, ebony fretboard, pearl dots, and mahogany back, sides, and neck with rosewood headstock veneer, and it looks great!

This mando needed the neck reset, a fretboard reglue, new binding for the fretboard, several crack repairs, and top/back regluing.

I've made a new (shorter) bridge out of a mystery scrap of hardwood, which actually gives a really nice loud and woody tone to this thing (which is, very, super loud and dark for a small-body flatback!). I've also made his new fretboard binding out of a mystery sheet of wood as well.

Action's below 1/8" at the 12th and feels great. Yippee! A far cry better than the neck coming in at a 30 degree angle into the body...

Jake Wildwood
Feb-05-2009, 8:05pm
More pics...

Chuck Naill
Feb-05-2009, 8:11pm

Thanks for posting. You have a beautiful mandolin there.

Feb-05-2009, 8:13pm
That's nice, I like it

Feb-05-2009, 8:24pm
You just keep bringing these great old mandolins back to life. Superb job.


Jake Wildwood
Feb-05-2009, 8:32pm
Thanks guys, very much!

It'll be a little sad to see this one get handed back to its owner. It's on probation for the next week, though, just to make sure the tension's not pulling it apart again -- so at least I get to twiddle-dee-dee on it for a little while!

Don Grieser
Feb-05-2009, 9:11pm
That looks like the mandolin Skip Gorman plays on his "Mandolin in the Cow Camp" CD. The one Skip has sure sounds great. I bet this one does too. Beautiful job bring that one back to life. I want one!!

Feb-06-2009, 1:56pm
Nice job!

Michael Gowell
Mar-04-2009, 10:53am
Agree. I wonder why Skip put an old Gibson A in the CD cover art of Cow Camp when he's been very public about his enthusiasm for his inexpensive period mandolin - maybe the "modernistic" shape didn't work with the tents & prairie landscape of the CD art design.

Mar-04-2009, 10:54am
Jake,were there any stamped or penciled numbers inside that body?

Mar-04-2009, 1:00pm
beautiful looking mandolin - great job!

Mar-04-2009, 7:17pm

Just linked through to your website.

What a cool thing you do!

I'd like to take up instrument repair/restoration as my retirement hobby in 10,....uh now 20 years!

Keep up the good work!