View Full Version : Gypsy cutaway Octave Mandolin Pictures --- bleed over from CBOM

Bob Borzelleri
Feb-04-2009, 3:13pm
For those who never frequent the CB(ro)OM closet, this is my new Gypsy cutaway OM. Great tone and playability.

Bill Snyder
Feb-04-2009, 8:40pm
Um..er.. um...I am glad it sounds good. Attractive wood. Unique design. Enjoy it.

Feb-04-2009, 9:41pm
I really dig walt's wood pickguards.


Feb-05-2009, 3:26pm
Congratulations Bob...that's a beauty....I really like the new cutaway...I have one of Walt's ....the Gypsy Magic and I love it....He makes great Mandolins...enjoy