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Jan-26-2009, 6:46pm
This is a new mandolin I just finished this past weekend. It started as an IV kit. I changed the peg head veneer to ebony, the fret board is ebony, the nut is a piece of mammoth ivory that I cut, the tuners are grovers, the tailpiece is a gold colored gibson style. I used amber dye and then used shellac flakes that I dissolved in alcohol to give it a "French" style polish.

I am very pleased with the results. It sounds good and it looks good to me. There are lots of errors, but it is better than the last one I did.

If anyone wants any advice as to what NOT to do, I am the expert. I have made lots of mistakes, but somehow, I got through it.

I am starting a F4 next.

(I think I should learn how to play some...but I enjoy trying to build things)


John Bertotti
Jan-26-2009, 8:05pm
Hey looks good to me too!

joshua collum
Jan-26-2009, 8:06pm
Looks like you did a real nice job! congrats!

Jason Renzi
Jan-26-2009, 10:48pm
really very nice...
i love the color!...

Chuck Naill
Jan-26-2009, 10:54pm
Impressive. I love the golden color.

chuck naill

Jan-26-2009, 11:18pm
all of the above. i think it's just gorgeous...i also think you'd be well within the bounds of propriety to be well pleased with yourself.

Skip Kelley
Jan-27-2009, 7:18am
Greg, Great job on the mandolin and the color is awesome!

Kirk Albrecht
Jan-27-2009, 8:50am
Greg -

Looks pretty nice to me! I am partial to that honey color as well.

Enjoy it every day!

Kirk Albrecht

Ken Olmstead
Jan-27-2009, 11:13am
I think it is looking good. Can't wait to see your F4. I can't build em so I better get back to playing for sure!! :)

Jan-27-2009, 11:23am
That looks very nice!!! I hope it sounds as good as it looks.

Feb-22-2009, 4:21pm
I like that look! I sent you a PM with a couple questions about the kits.