View Full Version : Chord theory- or at least ideas

Jul-26-2004, 2:09pm
Dr. Eschliman helped me with this topic during the "SUMERTIME" topic, and I would to "pick" some more brains if I could. It was noted earlier that the G9 chord can be played, or thought of as playing a B 1/2 dim, or Bm7b5. This is further confused by being the same thing as a Dm6; (G9=Bm7b5=Dm6)

I also came across the G6 is just like playing a Em7, so when playing the 6th of chord, just play the relative m7.

Is there a publication that has these funny coincidences in it as it relates to the mandolin? Do these only relate to the mandolin? Am I going about learning my "strange" chords the backwards way by figuring them out myself. Is there a publication that has the "popular" way of learning these chords in relation to the mandolin. It gets really confusing and I would rather I learn them correctly rather than creating my own "chord" patterns. I noticed in Django's Nuages, Eb9 to Cm7 (or Am7b5), can be the same pattern of fingering, just moving your hand up 3 frets, is that right?