View Full Version : Is this Randy Wood real?

Jan-25-2009, 9:16pm

I was wondering if this was real, If so is it worth 45k? Randy is an amazing builder but this looks like it wasn't built to sound good....

Jan-25-2009, 9:22pm
It is also listed on Randy Wood's web site as are several other nice mandolins


Bob Borzelleri
Jan-25-2009, 10:22pm
I had considered bidding until I saw the mandatory $25 shipping fee.

Jan-25-2009, 10:29pm
Me too. I mean 25 dollars for shipping! that is rediculous. I almost bought this loar I saw also. It was real beat up. Someone even wrote on the case. It said "Bill Monroe" in big letters. Never heard of him. Oh well, I almost bought it but The shipping was 50 bucks and I just couldn't afford 50 dollar shipping.

Jan-25-2009, 10:57pm
I was wondering if this was real....

Well, (1) Randy Wood is selling it, (2) it comes with an authenticating letter, (3) it's been already publicized on the cover of a local magazine.

So chances are it's what the seller says it is. As to whether it's worth $45K, let's see if it sells at that price. If it does, then by definition it's "worth it."

Bill Snyder
Jan-26-2009, 12:14am
FWIW, Luke the fellow holding the mandolin in the last picture in the listing IS Randy Wood.

Jan-26-2009, 12:37am
Thanks for the info all, Thank you bill, I have never met Mr. wood but have played over 40 of his mandolins and have been stunned by all of them. Have any of you seen his new prototype on mandolin central? That thing sure is stunning

Darryl Wolfe
Jan-26-2009, 8:48am
I saw this mandolin when he was building it. It took quite some time. He used it to demonstrate his somewhat unusual neck installation technique whereby he installs a completely unprofiled neck blank into the completed body and works the entire neck down from there, setting the neck angle via the fingerboard surface later

Ivan Kelsall
Feb-16-2009, 2:57am
That's real ok - i had a pic.of that Mandolin,taken from Randy Wood's site,as my PC 'desktop background' for ages - wonderful craftsmanship & i often wondered if it sounded as good as it looked. It's not something that i'd care to own personally,but i do admire the craftsmanship & skill
required to build it,

Big Joe
Feb-16-2009, 8:23am
I have seen and played this mandolin. Randy does incredible work! I have one of his A5 models new in my shop and it is a great mandolin. Randy has a long history of building great instruments and he certainly has earned his reputation!

Phillip Tigue
Feb-20-2009, 11:58pm
Is that Lewis Black holding that thing?

Bill Snyder
Feb-21-2009, 9:31pm
Is that Lewis Black holding that thing?

No. As has been stated above Randy Wood is pictured holding it.
He does resemble Mr. Black though.

Phillip Tigue
Feb-22-2009, 10:39pm
...more of a joke than anything....

Bernie Daniel
Feb-23-2009, 6:42am
Beautiful mandolin -- too fancy for me though.

Think with a mandolin like that the punishment you would have to put yourself through if you put a ding in it......oh the pain!

I like Randy's choice of TV channels too! :)):))