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John Bertotti
Jan-23-2009, 6:54pm
Been scouring pics of red bursts. I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. I am looking for a red burst that isn't to dark at the edges and has a bigger amber/ golden center. I would like the burst to start farther out from the center then the one in this link. Hoping to encompass the bridge. in the center color not the burst color. anyone have a pic of such a thing?


My monitor also shows the pics redder then they are when printed out. I like the way they look on my monitor. Maybe I can take a picture of the monitor and print it, will that work? Thanks every one!

Chris Biorkman
Jan-23-2009, 7:01pm
Maybe this one...

Chris Biorkman
Jan-23-2009, 7:04pm

Jan-23-2009, 7:08pm
How about weber's desert dawn color....too brown?


John Bertotti
Jan-23-2009, 7:19pm
Chris nice mando! Not quite red enough on my screen.
F5GRun that is close but still not quite red enough but it is about as opaque as I want it.
Thanks for hoping in and helping!

John Bertotti
Jan-23-2009, 7:20pm
Chris I was looking at the first one again and it is real close to the color I am looking for but the area in the center needs to be a bit bigger.

Joe Parker
Jan-23-2009, 8:25pm
Here is my Duff-not sure if this is what you're looking for.

Joe Parker

John Bertotti
Jan-23-2009, 8:27pm
Jpp that is the center I am after but not the burst color. Now if I could combine the center color and the burst color of the first post then I'm in their. Might be time to use photo shop. I'm not to photo shop savvy but I'll figure it out, a worthy cause after all! Thanks

Jan-23-2009, 8:30pm
Check out the "Clark" website. Is this close?


John Bertotti
Jan-23-2009, 8:36pm
Now that is almost perfect. It has the center I am looking for but not quite red enough yet. It is not to dark, I don't want dark, but it needs a bit more red in it. That is a perfect layout for me to tweak. Thanks!

Chris Biorkman
Jan-23-2009, 8:39pm
Wait, why are we doing this again? :)

Jan-23-2009, 8:39pm
Here's my Holst C5


Joe Parker
Jan-23-2009, 8:45pm
Why not check out some old Les Pauls?

Jan-23-2009, 8:53pm
Maybe I can take a picture of the monitor and print it, will that work? Thanks every one!

It isn't the actual computer that is making the color change it is the printer/ink. The color never comes out exactly the same

John Bertotti
Jan-23-2009, 9:33pm
Chris Oldwave, Bill Bussmann, is making me a new A and I am trying to show him the color I am looking for.
JPP good Idea!
Luke could be but I still need to get one printed in the tone I am looking for.
Leon that is gorgeous! Do you have a pic in more light?

man dough nollij
Jan-23-2009, 10:11pm
Looks like we have similar taste in 'bursts. Check out this thread (http://mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=43713&highlight=picture+sunburst).

Chris Biorkman
Jan-23-2009, 10:14pm
What about this Duff mandola?

Eric Hanson
Jan-23-2009, 11:37pm
Is it possible that on the "Eye Candy" section of this site the "Almy" mandolin pictured is close to what you are looking for?:confused:

This one also might be of interest.


Ivan Kelsall
Jan-24-2009, 2:48am
I mentioned in another thread re.Mike Vanden's Mandolins that i saw one of his a few years back.It was a 'Cherry Red' sunburst. It was VERY red at the edges,but the colour was transparent enough to still show the wood grain. One of the most gorgeous instruments i've ever seen,
Saska :cool:

Mike Snyder
Jan-24-2009, 4:27am
You might also look at some high res shots of a Gibson Wayne Benson. One of the nicer, more subtle antique red bursts around. Just for inspiration. I'm really quite jealous of all the cafe crowd on various bulders lists. I haven't decided whether to be buried with mine or have the kids sell it to buy gas for the hearse. Either way, I think we're in it for life.

Jan-24-2009, 5:23pm
I've always liked the color on the Wayne Benson models, too:

Joel Spaulding
Jan-24-2009, 5:32pm
I guess this would be a redburst, not too dark at the edges.

Andrew B. Carlson
Jan-24-2009, 6:40pm
Check out Jim Hilburn's photos on his site. http://pages.prodigy.net/jim1307/

He has some gorgeous reds.

John Bertotti
Jan-24-2009, 7:14pm
:grin:Whoa I would take any of Jim's bursts. Oddly the darker #30 is about perfect to me! Hey Bill#30 is an excellent example of what I'm looking for on an oval A!

I must just like the red tones because all the instruments in this thread are great! I think saying dark edges was wrong, maybe saying I really dislike opaque edges is better. Again a contrast because my 000-18GE has a 1937 burst and the edges are very very dark and I love it. I must be fickle! I guess it all depends on the spirit of the instrument, either the burst works or it doesn't. Am I the only one like this?:grin:

Chuck Naill
Jan-24-2009, 9:21pm
Did you notice this Horner F5 at Elderly?


chuck naill

Bill Snyder
Jan-24-2009, 10:35pm
This Ron Cole mandolin is in the classifieds. Looks good in the photo.

Jan-25-2009, 1:15am
As requested, the Holst C5 in better light.


John Bertotti
Jan-25-2009, 8:31am
LeonEvans, out of curiosity, what is that long saddle on the bridge? Hey great burst thanks for the pic!

Jan-25-2009, 3:42pm
Hi John,

This was an experiment from a D'Aquisto bridge design. The long part is a ramp under the saddle that allows for adjusting the saddle hight while trying to maintain as solid a bridge as possible. Here are some better pictures of it.


Jan-28-2009, 2:09pm
Here is the back of the Custom F-5 I built in 1998

Joe F
Jan-28-2009, 3:40pm
My Austin Clark F5 (#27) has a very nice red burst.

John Bertotti
Jan-28-2009, 10:37pm
More great pics thanks!
Leon so how do you like that bridge?

Skip Kelley
Jan-29-2009, 12:51pm
Here's a reddish burst of mine..

Jan-29-2009, 12:59pm
Hi John,

How a bridge sounds compared to another is very subjective. When Steve built the C5 he included his standard adjustable bridge as well so I had both to compare. To my ear, the D'Aquisto style has a little more mids but they both sound good. I like the look of the D"Aquisto and really like the idea that I can make a saddle from other material and drop it in, much like a guitar. It doesn't have as much adjustability as the standard, but I like it and so it stays on as my main bridge.