View Full Version : my new the loar LM-500

Jan-23-2009, 3:34pm
just got it back from having a small crack repaired!
still needs to be re-strung and set up properly

(p.s sorry about the glare, im not much of a photographer)

Jan-23-2009, 5:13pm
Congratulations on the mandolin Mike! There seems to be a lot of talk about "The Loar" mandolins these days so keep us posted on how you like it. Enjoy!

Jan-23-2009, 6:48pm
will do! still need a good set-up on this thing to really make it shine, and it hasent opened up at all yet, but it still sounds a heck of alot better than my epiphone mm-50

Jan-23-2009, 6:57pm
nice flame in the back ther.