View Full Version : 1880s Champion Mando Video

Jake Wildwood
Jan-21-2009, 4:53pm
I recorded a little improvisation on my favorite mando of the moment... an 1880s L&H-built Champion bowlback. Here 'tis:


And here's my blog entry on it from December with some photos:


I was on the verge of selling this mandolin but luckily staved off that idea and hoarded it for myself!

Bruce Clausen
Jan-21-2009, 8:34pm
That is really nice musical playing. Thank you, Jake!


Jake Wildwood
Jan-21-2009, 10:30pm
Thank you, sir! :)

Jan-25-2009, 2:02pm
That dude still has some nice tone left doesn't it. Think it's a keeper. Thanks for sharing.