View Full Version : Finally built one for me !!

barry k
Jan-19-2009, 3:27pm
I did the setup today , and I like it,.....needs some little tweeking yet. Big boomy sound from the western red cedar top. and a really loud mando too !
But, like all I build for myself, ( or intended so) will probably be for sale sometime in the future. We will post some sound clips on the website of these latest two. I like the black top but they show fingerprints, dust, scratches, dents ..(none yet) The neck , sides and back was some lightly spalted curly maple discovered in Kentucky by Mark and myself about 12-14 years ago. The logs were sitting in cow pasture, just being tended to by the cows.... There were about 10 mandolins built from this wood, and I have enough for 1 more.

Jan-19-2009, 3:42pm
Looks cr_ppy!. Pun intended!
Looks great, and the paw prints make great fret markers. Great story line behind the name too...


Jan-20-2009, 5:32am
Great job! Ro ho ho!

Tom C
Jan-20-2009, 10:00am
Nice job. You deserve it.

Jan-20-2009, 10:12am
I love a sense of humor and a few digs at idolizing mandolin pictures, and builders. Also I don't think anyone, even kids, would object to the word dog s-it. If that is what the headstock says, geese guys lighten up with the censorship.

Jan-20-2009, 10:31am
Looks cool ... I like it and so would John Duffy I bet.

Jan-20-2009, 10:34am
I really like the paw prints on the fingerboard. Cool mando!

barry k
Jan-20-2009, 6:28pm
Thanks yall......yup sense of humor.......thats me, i get a kick outta some stuff that others dont see, but thats ok... thats what makes the world go around. Heres the sister to the one I built for me.....i do 2 at a time, its easier for me that way.

Skip Kelley
Jan-21-2009, 9:37am
Barry, those are two very nice looking mandolins! I love the black topped one. I need to get around to doing one of those. Nice job!

Jan-21-2009, 10:04am
Nice...as Paris would say "That's Hot!":))

Jan-21-2009, 1:38pm

Can we see an uncensored shot of the headstock?

Nice Ax.

barry k
Jan-21-2009, 3:26pm
Being a military veteran of 35 years, one thing I had learned is to abide by regulations and rules. I respect and enjoy this site, the people that operate and moderate it, and I intend to abide by the rules , So with that being said, people can go to my website, pic of that mandolin are on there. I really didnt make that mandolin to offend anyone......just sort of a ruse on a fun story.

Jan-22-2009, 12:30am
Thanks for the link Barry. With the puffery that can go around here at times regarding the names on high dollar Headstocks, it struck me as funny seeing that on your Mandolin. Pretty innocuous stuff.

I like the Skull and the Cross Sabers.

Jan-22-2009, 9:40am
I love the pirate flag headstock inlay. I even dig the name on the headstock. A surefire conversation starter!


Jan-22-2009, 10:03am
Barry, I think it's sweet (as in suh-WEET), and the blackface looks killer!!

Props for building what you want!!