View Full Version : Just bought a '07 Fern

Chris "Bucket" Thomas
Jan-15-2009, 3:02pm
Well the Big 40 has hit & I decided that I needed a new mandolin to squelch my mid-life crisis. It was this or a Harley. My wife did not say "NO", so in my feeble & domesticated man-mind that constituted permission for a purchase.

It is a 2007 Gibson F5-L Fern. It is basically new with no marks/dings or fret wear, the previous owner had installed black tuning buttons. I am confident in saying that this instrument well exceeds my musical abilities. It is beautiful and sound great.

Ironically, I had just sent my Flatiron Performer out two days before to be refretted. I had no idea that my buddy Jim was going to talk me into this mandolin :)! It went to builder / luthier Ward Elliott. It came back with stainless steel frets, a new nut and bridge top and sounds great and plays more easily than ever. I can’t say enough nice things about Ward and his work! It was worth every penny, if I was keeping it. It will be for sale soon.

Jan-15-2009, 3:12pm
Nice mandolin. Lookin' forward to pickin' on it soon!

Bernie Daniel
Jan-15-2009, 4:28pm
Excellent choice in mandolins! I hope it meets all your expectations. I really like those black buttons on the tuners! I have been thinking about buy as set of the new Handel style for my Fern.

Nothing wrong with a Flatiron that's for sure but now you are a member of the big G!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you need a new avatar! :)

Chris Biorkman
Jan-15-2009, 4:51pm
Nice Gibby. I don't think I've ever seen a fern with wood that flamed before.

gibson mandoman
Jan-15-2009, 6:06pm
Very nice! Much better than a Harley anyday! Plus you can't get injured with the mandolin!

Rob Powell
Jan-15-2009, 6:17pm
How happy are you? LOL....

Jan-15-2009, 7:02pm
oooo.....new fern! schweeet ......! it's lovely, just lovely--i really like the black tuners; rather sets everything off. guess we know what you'll be doin for a while.....

congrats on the acquisition, and ...... happy pickin!:mandosmiley:

Andrew B. Carlson
Jan-15-2009, 8:43pm
I'm green with envy. :disbelief: I'm in love with ferns. Happy pickin'!

Jan-15-2009, 9:15pm
Good job Bucket! Enjoy the journey to worthness!


Cheryl Watson
Jan-15-2009, 10:11pm
Congrads, Chris. That a real purdy one--nice wood, gorgeous fern inlay.


Jan-15-2009, 10:34pm
Nice way to celebrate your Birthday! Beautiful flame on the back.

Ken Olmstead
Jan-15-2009, 10:35pm
Nothing cooler than stainless steel frets! Nice looking Gibby for sure! Enjoy!!

Jan-16-2009, 12:23am
Bucket that Fern sounded sweet at the jam tonight and it just rings out and the best part it is so new it is still opening up and will only get better and better with age.

Whoever gets that Flatiron you have is gonna get one sweet mandolin, the work Ward Elliott did was excellent! It plays like butter and the intonation is perfect. I like those stainless steel frets I'd like to get a set on MY Fern.

Now that you have been "turned" to the dark side in the Gibson Club my work is done.

Now we just need to get sgarrity to see the light! LOL!

Resistance is futile Shaun! You WILL eventually be assimilated into the Gibson collective! :grin:

Chris "Bucket" Thomas
Jan-16-2009, 7:51am
How happy are you? LOL....

I am happy! I played it for several hours last night; both at Jim-in-Virginia's house and at our local bi-weekly jam. Also, I let all my buddies pick it some.

I CAN hear the difference. Describing sound is so different for each person but; it is best described as having better tone across the spectrum. The bass is woof-ier and the treble is clearer. Overall, it is less bright than the Flatiron. It is also louder.

Kevin Briggs
Jan-16-2009, 8:12am
Awesome! Get some sound clips up. Let's hear that puppy.

Jan-16-2009, 8:18am
I got to play this one last night and Bucket most certainly got one of the good ones. It's got a deep woody tone, just the right amount of bass, great volume. And the flamey back looks just as good in person. I'm normally critical of Gibson's but they got the tone right on this one!

Now Jim.....you know I'll never cave and buy a Gibson. I have my keepers now and I'm not buying/selling any more mandolins......until next week..... :mandosmiley:

Jan-16-2009, 9:03am
Congratulations Chris! That's a beautiful mandolin. I'll bet it sounds GREAT. Happy Birthday too.

Jan-16-2009, 4:30pm
Now Jim.....you know I'll never cave and buy a Gibson. :mandosmiley:

Time will tell my friend .... time will tell ... :whistling:

Jan-17-2009, 12:18pm
Nice Fern. I had one that I sold when I bought my '03 MM signed by Charlie. Both sounded very similar but I just wanted that MM.

Skip Kelley
Jan-17-2009, 5:10pm
Thats as nice a piece of maple as I've seen in a fern! Congrats!