View Full Version : New mando, Hogan #10 of Adrian Minarovic

Jan-13-2009, 1:35pm
Hello folks,

I'm a new owner of this beautiful F5 of Adrian Minarovic, mostly known here as HoGo. The tone wood was selected by Bruce Harvey: top is Adirondak spruce, the sides, back and neck are red maple. The neck is 3 piece one with ebony strip in the middle. Side binding was laminated by Adrian himself. Waverly tuning machines, Bill James tailpiece and Steve Smith bridge. As I used a camera with a flash the mandolin is rather reddish. In reality it is tobacco brown. I got it on 23rd Dec 2008 so it was a beautiful xmas gift. The sound is outstanding.
Hopefully Adrian will post his own pictures and will share more datails. Enjoy the pictures.

Jan-13-2009, 1:37pm
beautiful, Is that one of John's cases?

Jan-13-2009, 1:50pm
Yes, you're right, it's Jon's case.

Russ Jordan
Jan-13-2009, 2:38pm
Great looking mando--congrat's.

Who is John or Jon who built the case? Is it a mandola case?

Jan-13-2009, 2:45pm
It's John Paganoni.

Lawn Jockey
Jan-13-2009, 4:38pm
Absolutely beautiful.

Enjoy in good health!!

Bill Halsey
Jan-13-2009, 10:50pm
Congratulations, Lubomir & Adrian -- I've been waiting to see this one!!

Jan-14-2009, 5:51am
Thanks Bill for your reaction. I've heard about you a lot when discussing with Adrian different issues. I like your mandolin very much.
For those who are interested I'm attaching a sound sample. It was recorded on RTR tape recorder without EQ 24th December 2008 the next day when I took over it.

Jan-16-2009, 12:04am
lubomir - is this Adrian's newest F5? I've not seen his previous Mandolins with Waverlys, a James Tailpiece and a Steve Smith Bridge. Very nice upgrades to an already beautiful Mandolin. It's also the first one I've seen with a Gibson style Flowerpot and side bound.

I'm the very happy owner of his #7 and it still may be the only one here in the U.S. - although I think one of of his earlier ones made it this way.

I am continually impressed by the quality of Adrian's work and his overall Mandolin knowledge. He's been a great resource to the Cafe. You would be hard pressed to find a nicer fellow to work with. He's also a very fine Mandolin player but I'd bet he's been too busy to do much playing these days.

Congratulations, that is a top flight instrument in every respect. Play it and enjoy! :mandosmiley:

Jan-16-2009, 9:29am
Boy, oh, BOY! How pretty!

Jan-20-2009, 5:16pm
Here are some pics with color a bit closer to reality...

Jan-21-2009, 8:44am
Niiice colour!

Jan-21-2009, 10:23am
Incredible piece of work there Adrian! Just beautiful :mandosmiley:

Jan-23-2009, 7:03pm
That's gorgeous...

Adrian, when will your new plans be finished? I just spoke with Elderly's and they said you were working on a new/better version.

Troy Harris
Jan-29-2009, 6:27pm
Beautiful work Adrian…

Skip Kelley
Jan-30-2009, 5:14pm
Absolutely perfect!

Keith Erickson
Jan-30-2009, 5:30pm

When I first glanced at your photo's, my initial reaction was "That pick guard does not match with the color. However after seeing HoGo's post, I can see the the pickguard and the finish matching up nicely.

Thank you for sharing, She's a beauty...

....Cheers ~o)