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Bandersnatch Reverb
Jul-23-2004, 7:25pm
This comes with the ###### clear plastic stick on "scratch-sheet", which I detest. Being a flattop, its liable to get some wear on the top, so I made an ebony pickguard for it out of a peghead veneer, using the original pickguard "sheet" as a pattern/template.

Here's its got 4 coats of satin Deft on it, and needs to be sanded down (tomorrow) for another coat. I used Deft as it fills the grain pretty well, and as you can see, the result is just about totally filled at this point. I'm going to put six coats on, and just rub out the last coat with a cotten cloth to knock the satin down to more of a low luster finish.


Bandersnatch Reverb
Jul-23-2004, 7:27pm
And here, placed on the top of the Tacoma. I'll be using pickguard adhesive to hold it down, but not under the entire surface of the pickguard. I'm gonna run three strips - upper, middle and lower so we have a bit more flex with the top of the mandolin.




Undercover Brother
Jul-23-2004, 8:49pm
I have a Tacoma too (but don't hate the clear "scratch-sheet")!
That looks really great! Excellent work! I never really considered what could be done as an alternative.
You are a man of vision. Let us know if it does anything to the sound.
Very clever!


Jul-23-2004, 9:04pm
Wow indeed. You are now responsible, Bandersnatch, for the only Tacoma I've seen that I can't consider goofy lookin'. This is a fine piece of work.

Baron Collins-Hill
Jul-24-2004, 5:47pm
nice mando, i love tacomas, theres something about the almost f style outline that i really like.

Bandersnatch Reverb
Jul-25-2004, 9:02am
Well I got antsy... finished the pickguard, and instead of waiting, attached it!

The Deft seemed pretty tough after a few hours or drying, but I think I'll be careful with it for a couple of weeks (its laquer after all...)

I attached the ebony with the three strips like I said. I have no idea of the scientific basis for this but it seemed to me the less "laminated" onto the top the better. Was gonna use only two strips, but as the material is only .005 thick, the thought of the center buzzing also crossed my mind, so three it was.

I cant tell any change in the tone or volume at all. Keep in mind I'm still using .009 EB's (very light). These were noticably warmer and softer than the .011 D'Addario EXP's that came on it. Now that I've fit a new string nut, I'll probably go back to .010's after I use up the last set of .009's (one more to go), and that ought to get the chop real lively again. All in all, I'd say the ebony pickguard doesn't alter the tone much at all (hey, its a flattop whats to alter!).

Giving credit where credit is due: This project was inspired by Bill Nichols, who did up this truss rod cover for me. After seeing the cover, I thought something to match would be nice.


Jul-26-2004, 1:00am
Giving credit where credit is due: This project was inspired by Bill Nichols, who did up this truss rod cover for me. #After seeing the cover, I thought something to match would be nice.
I'm new here, so I don't know if Bill has a reputation over here, but he does some truly beautiful work. I'm not Bill, nor do I know him personally, but he did a truss rod cover for me and continues to amaze me with his work.

Nichols Guitars (http://www.nicholsguitars.com)

Bandersnatch Reverb
Jul-26-2004, 12:34pm
This one might look easypeasy, but in fact I had to ask him specifically to "keep it rustic"... to match the overall finish of the Tacoma mandolin. Bill is capable of, and regularly does, very high grade work.