View Full Version : Silverangel economando

Jan-09-2009, 5:50pm
I'm building a no frills mando A-style. Here it is. I call it Economando.

Jan-09-2009, 6:30pm
Looks great, Ken.


Jan-09-2009, 7:22pm
That looks really nice. Is it more economical than the usual A style? What's the function of the bead looking things on the strings near the tailpiece?

Jan-09-2009, 7:45pm
Those are rubber grommets used to dampen sympathetic vibrations behind the bridge.

Very nice burst Ken!

Jan-09-2009, 7:57pm
Nice work, Ken! It doesn't look so "no frills" to me. It looks like it might be a real poweful mandolin. It certainly doesn't seem to be lacking anything! Where does the "Econo" part come into play?

Steve Smith

Jan-09-2009, 8:01pm
there is so much temptation on the website.....

Jan-09-2009, 8:13pm
Well, it doesn't have binding on the back and it's lacquer. Other than that, it doesn't much seem different from the regular. The wood is nice. This one is Ukranian spruce.

Mark Walker
Jan-10-2009, 9:18am
Ken - looks sweet and clean. Is that an 'R' in the headstock, or a small angel? Hard to tell from the photos.

Very cool regardless! :)

Jan-12-2009, 3:39am
Very nice. If that headstock inlay is an 'R' it could stand for "Recession Model". :grin:

Jan-12-2009, 5:37am
That is just beautiful, Ken. I love it.

Skip Kelley
Jan-12-2009, 8:09am
Ken, that mandolin is nice! I love the sunburst!

Jan-12-2009, 10:07am
If that mandolin isn't already sold, I'll bet it will be soon!

Hey Ken, what's the deal with Ukranian Spruce? I am about to try some Carpathian Spruce on my flat mando's, but I am not familiar with the Ukranian variety.

Steve Smith

steve V. johnson
Jan-12-2009, 10:51am
Wonderful, Ken, thanks!

I really, really like that headstock design.


Jan-12-2009, 11:07am
Steve, I did some trading with Hans on that Ukranian spruce, it is really nice working wood, straight grain and resonant. Too bad I only have one left.

Jan-28-2009, 9:28pm
Ken-sent you an email this evening regarding purchase of one of these. Love the looks, but would need wide neck, if possible. Thanks, and look forward to your response.