View Full Version : Original tune of Kelley mandolin

Skip Kelley
Jan-05-2009, 12:31pm
Here is an original tune I recently recorded on an album with my pickin' buddy, Ed Dodson. The tune is called Woodsheddin' and we recorded it with absolutely flat eq. I hope you like the sound of ole #18. Thanks!

Bob Wiegers
Jan-05-2009, 12:39pm
very nice toe-tapper you got there. well done.

Steve Cantrell
Jan-05-2009, 12:50pm
Great tune, Skip. That mandolin sounds just right.

Steve Ostrander
Jan-05-2009, 2:02pm
Sounds great. Nice job--on the tune and the mando.

Jan-05-2009, 7:51pm
That sounds great! Nice playing.... nice sounding mandolin.

Jan-05-2009, 8:05pm
Outstanding! Skip ... keep building them man!

Trey Young
Jan-05-2009, 9:20pm
Enjoyed the tune Skip and the mando itself sounds like a good 'ern too.

Skip Kelley
Jan-06-2009, 7:04am
Thanks guys for all your kind words!:)

Mark Walker
Jan-06-2009, 1:22pm
Skip - what they all said! Seriously - nice tune, great picking, great tone on the mandolin!

- Mark

Jan-07-2009, 8:10am
Hey Skip, Great job! When you're building your own mandolin, writing your own music, and playing it that well, I'd say you've covered all the bases. #18 sounds great in your hands.

Jan-07-2009, 8:14am
Yeah, bud. Already have the twin down for the next time we pick...

Skip Kelley
Jan-07-2009, 2:06pm
Mike, Thanks for the compliment! I appreciate it alot!
Alan, we will have to do that. Ed and I are picking at the High Lonesome Strings meeting in Feb. If you can come, maybe we can pick some! I would like to hear that twin part!

Michael Gowell
Jan-09-2009, 8:45am
Skip, congratulations on a great tune nicely played. Love your phrasing.

Skip Kelley
Jan-30-2009, 3:29pm
Michael, Thanks!

Gail Hester
Jan-30-2009, 7:27pm
Wonderful Skip.

Skip Kelley
Feb-01-2009, 7:46am
Thanks, Gail!

Aug-28-2010, 11:12pm
Thanks, Gail!

Skip, I love the tone of #18 in "Woodsheddin". How does the tone of #23 and #25 compare?

Aug-29-2010, 7:49am
Skip, great tune and great mandolin, well balanced instrument and recording .

Skip Kelley
Aug-29-2010, 3:36pm
Thanks Ken!!

Steve Sorensen
Sep-04-2010, 12:35am
Great way to wrap up a Friday night! Thank, Skip!