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Jan-05-2009, 12:43am
If vacation or business bring you to San Antonio, be sure and catch the Jim Cullum Jazz Band in his club The Landing at the Hyatt hotel downtown. They play old time jazz, ala Armstong and Teagarten. The rhythm guitar player is Howard Elkins and it's a treat to hear him work. It's much clearer in person than on their NPR radio show "Live from the Landing".

HOWARD ELKINS, banjo, guitar and vocals.
Jim Cullum first heard Howard Elkins playing in El Paso, Texas in 1978. Howard joined the band the next day and he has been holding down the guitar/banjo chair in the group ever since. Howard proved to be a rhythm guitarist par excellence and provides rock-solid time to the band's rhythm section. He is the composer of the Riverwalk Jazz theme, “Nightspell.” Elkins plays a 1920s-vintage Epiphone archtop, four-string tenor guitar and a 1930s Gibson tenor banjo. When he's not working with the band, Howard enjoys tending his ten-acre pecan grove southwest of San Antonio.

The "Epiphone archtop, four-string tenor guitar" is a single instrument, BTW.