View Full Version : Video clips of Brentrup F5R

G. Fisher
Dec-30-2008, 10:32pm
I had the chance to play Hans new design. It's a dream to play and very responsive. I made some video clips of my less than stellar playing and hope you still can tell how good it sounds.

The strings are stainless steel and only a few weeks old.

G. Fisher
Dec-30-2008, 10:37pm
Clip #2

G. Fisher
Dec-30-2008, 10:40pm
Clip #3

gibson mandoman
Dec-30-2008, 11:29pm
Sounds great!

Dec-30-2008, 11:56pm
Wow, talk about a tone and sustain, it just resonates! I haven't completely followed the thread on the modifications Hans made, but this is a great sounding mandolin to my ears.

Dec-31-2008, 1:09am
It does not sound new at all. Very nice top end too, despite the SS strings (which sound pre deadened to me). Nice work Hans; very impressive tone!

Ken Olmstead
Dec-31-2008, 1:09am
That thing is a flippin' MONSTER!

Thanks, Greg!

Ivan Kelsall
Dec-31-2008, 3:42am
I know your secret Kenneth !!!!. Yes,a great Mandolin - but what would you expect from Hans ?.
I'm looking forward to (hopefully) having a quick pick of one of Hans' Mandolins down at TAMCO in Brighton in a couple of weeks time,if it hasn't been sold already,

Dec-31-2008, 9:22am
Not sure if this will work, but this is a file from my Zoom H2 of the first video. I had to set the recorder off to the side, so I'm not sure of the quality.:confused:

Dec-31-2008, 9:23am
Well, I tried...

Dec-31-2008, 9:25am
Guess not...well, I tried.

Hans get away from that TV with the typewriter on it, you know you don't know nothin' 'bout machinery!

Mike Buesseler
Dec-31-2008, 11:15am
Hey, Hans, that clip works just fine! The volume is pretty low (at least for me), but the quality seems better than Greg's video clips...a different audio perspective, anyway. All good!

Dec-31-2008, 11:33am
Oh, good, all I get is a bunch of !@#^%!$&^@. Yea, it's quiet, as I had the Zoomy thing sitting on the floor a few feet away and probably forgot to turn up the volume. I'll see if I can get someone to record another sample when I get some time.
Thanks for letting me know, Mike!

Dec-31-2008, 11:38am
I had to turn the volume up but it definitely captures a richer tone than the videos, nice work!

Dec-31-2008, 1:59pm
Digital cameras, (mine at least,) produce pretty a bright sound. They are also very attuned to the acoustics in the room. For that matter the room makes a big difference. Just go sing in the shower for example. Just don't bring the mandolin in there!

Another observation is that a square room with a high ceiling sounds better than any other shape. A cube shape I guess.

Still another observation...my Olympus digital recorder sounds much better with the attached microphone that has the foam 'wind' thingies.

Consider the room before listening to an instrument; in recordings or in person. I hate modern hotel conference rooms, and lobbies. Give me an old victorian hotel with wood paneling, oriental carpets and cube shaped rooms. Now there's is a good place for music.

Skip Kelley
Dec-31-2008, 3:13pm
Hans, that mandolin sounds awesome!

Michael Gowell
Dec-31-2008, 3:21pm
If you walk into a quiet room and clap your hands sharply once, you can judge that room's suitability for recording. Lots of ringing reverb no good. Just the sound of flesh is what you want. Visually, rugs and drapes indicate a more acoustically neutral space - that's desirable. Hard walls and floors aren't friendly to clear recording. A generalization, but a good rough guide. I'm excluding the purpose-designed concert hall and accidental acoustic oddities.

Outside would be best, if it weren't for the da#@*m airplanes, trucks, small engines on everything but the dogs, gunshots, etc.

Sorry, I'm off point here - ditto on low volume but good audio Hans. But there's something to be said for video, too, even if the fi isn't so hi - seeing the interaction between the player and the instrument, the interplay, the player's evolving response/attack as the instrument reveals itself...like they say, ya gotta see it.

G. Fisher
Jan-01-2009, 8:02pm
Doug you're right about the camera making the mando sound brighter than it actually is. The clip Hans added is a better representation of the tone.

I think Hans has come up with yet another winner. It's easy to play and is very responsive to the touch you use.