View Full Version : My new J.L. Smith

Dec-29-2008, 1:32pm
Just got my new J.L. Smith emando!! This is a great sounding electric mandolin, and John did an outstanding job on the fit and finish. He is great to do business with!



Dec-29-2008, 5:54pm
Here are more photos.

Dec-29-2008, 6:14pm
Wow, Frank!

That is a nice looking emando! I'll bet you are jazzed to have it!

For those of you that haven't met John Smith yet, he is a great guy and a the pleasure to work with.

And, I am pretty sure we are not related!

Steve Smith

Dec-30-2008, 1:32pm
I agree. John does an excellent job and is a great guy to deal with, but I have to say the bridge is truly the focal point that brings it all together. :grin:

Excellent job as usual John.

Jan-01-2009, 10:05am
Thanks Steve. I am having large fun with this electric mandolin!

Andrew, the bridge is working great. ;)

Ken Olmstead
Jan-01-2009, 10:38am
Gotta love surf green! Very nice!

Jan-02-2009, 5:50pm
Great looking mando. Does it have a truss rod in the neck? Can you describe the sound you are getting with its present pickup, fat, bright, etc.?

Jan-02-2009, 8:20pm
this isn't my mando and I'm no pro but the neck appears to be a classic bolt on neck like on most electric guitars. I don't believe it has a trus rod

Jan-02-2009, 8:49pm
This mando does have a truss rod. I am currently playing through a Roland Cube 30 and getting lots of great sounds. You can read a review of J.L. Smith mandolins at the link below. I really like this instrument!!



Jan-03-2009, 12:02am
All of my Mando's. have double action truss rods installed. They are adjustable from the heel end of the neck. Like some of the older Fender Type Guitars, you have to loosen the neck bolts, to gain access to the Allen Head adjuster.
Before I began building these my Mando's. I debated on whether to use a (permenant fixed)stainless steel tube type rod, or the adjustable type. I went with the double action, because some players prefer to know that there is an adjustable rod. If fact, there is a slim to nothing chance that you would ever have to make any adjustments with the rod, because of the short scale, and the fact that there is not a whole lot of tension on a 4 or 5 string mando.
Hope this helps to clarify the Truss Rod question.
Thanks, John

joshua collum
Jan-03-2009, 1:59am
Sweet! Hope you enjoy your as much as I've been enjoying mine.

Tripp Johnson
Jan-03-2009, 6:47am
Very nice looking emando, another vote of approval for the surf green finish!
These have really been catching my attention lately.