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Dec-27-2008, 12:55pm
Minor issue: I get logged out after a relatively short time - haven't timed it but it seems like an hour and a half or two - and then have to log in again. :confused: While I'm online I usually am looking at a few sites simultaneously, especially when one of those sites is the Café, as I'll often read something that I just have to go and find out more about. Sometimes this takes a while, and by the time I get back I've been timed out and have to log in again. :disbelief: This is so insignificant I feel silly asking about it, but I wonder if there is some way to adjust this, or do I just have to grin and bear it? I can do that, I just am always looking for ways to optimize my experience. :whistling:

Dec-27-2008, 1:02pm
This is a local (your PC) issue, not a board setting. Are you logging on from home or a public place like a library? Have you clicked the remember me button (don't do that at a library - which should clear the cookies upon exit or on a frequency). Check your spyware/internet security settings. What browser software and security software (Symantec, Norton, etc) are you using?


Dec-27-2008, 1:31pm
OK, well, I assumed it was a board issue because it doesn't happen to me at other sites. Of course, you know what happens when you assume ... Actually, I don't, I assumed that was a rhetorical question. Well, you know what happens when you assume ... OK, no more coffee for a while! ~o)

Ahem. I am using my home computer, and never click the "remember me" button - just a habit from years of using library computers. I remember seeing that only when I log in to email, which shouldn't affect this - am I missing something? I've got McAfee and Spyware Terminator.

I'm going to log off my computer and log back on and see if I get that prompt.


Dec-27-2008, 1:45pm
Oh, THAT prompt ... D'oh! :disbelief:

Thanks. If that doesn't solve it I'll let you know.


Dec-27-2008, 6:10pm
Yep - that was it. Thanks!