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Dec-23-2008, 6:50am
JazzMando What's New - John Baxter, Mandozine Site Adminstrator has recently ported the UkeFarm Chord Sheet Generator for mandolin, mandola and tenor guitar (tenor banjo). This highly practical Web application is for creating song chord sheets. Enter the chords once, the application displays appropriate chord sheets. Tag chord sheets as "private" or share online with all users. Included are a field for lyrics and chords in two positions and of course, the opportunity for users to submit alternate changes.

http://jazzmando.com/new/archives/images/MandozinePane.jpgThe original app designed by Baxter, he hopes this will be useful for communal sharing of chord progressions and shared similarly as the TablEdit files currently residing on the highly popular Mandozine forum. Database and code was done by Larry Tanner, and valuable help with testing and Help file editing came from our friend and fellow Mandolin Sessions author, Wendy Anthony.

Check it out: Mandozine Chord Sheet Generator (http://www.mandotunes.com/chordgen/)

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