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Dec-22-2008, 12:10am
JazzMando What's New - We are thrilled to be able to offer a new Sound Lab entry from true progressive mandolin royalty, Jamie Masefield from the pioneer jam band "The Jazz Mandolin Project." From the JMP website: "Since 1993, Jamie Masefield's Jazz Mandolin Project has been offering an entirely new concept of what the mandolin can do. Pushing the boundaries with a new innovative sound, "JMP" has toured throughout the US and internationally with a unique approach that has changed the mind of many as to the instruments potential. JazzTimes columnist, Bill Milkowski, concurs, writing in May 2000, " Like Mandolinists Mike Marshall and David Grisman before him, Jamie Masefield is challenging notions of what that stringed instrument--forever associated with folk and bluegrass music--can do."

http://jazzmando.com/new/archives/images/JamieMasefield-thumb.jpg (http://jazzmando.com/new/archives/images/JamieMasefield.jpg)

We've been especially captivated by his recent work in a jazz trio with MaMaVig. Ma=Jamie Masefield, Ma=Gary Mazzaroppi (bass), Vig=Frank Vignola (guitar), and this intimate ensemble setting allows Maseield to strut his incredible jazz chops with two other amazing premier musicians.

Jamie has graced us with a terrific chord melody version of "Yes, I'll Always Be There," a concept song from the "Getting Into Jazz Mandolin Book (http://jazzmando.com/gijm_20835bcd.shtml)" that explores advanced shifting Tonal Center studies. You can also hear another interpretation from Don Stiernberg (http://Jazzmando.com/webtracks.shtml#2) in our PROFESSIONALS SOUND LAB; both are excellent but diverse versions, performed beautifully.

Enjoy audio:
Jamie Masefield http://jazzmando.com/images/sound.gif Yes, I'll Always Be There (http://www.jazzmando.com/sound/JM_YesI.m4a)

More artist interpretations (http://Jazzmando.com/webtracks.shtml#1).

Artist's websites:
JMP (http://www.jazzmandolinproject.com/)
MaMaVig (http://www.myspace.com/mamavig)

More news... (http://jazzmando.com/new/archives/000947.shtml)

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