View Full Version : Updates to Morris A5 walnut-maple/Cedar

Dec-17-2008, 5:56pm
Hi, everybody. I continue to enjoy very much this wonderful mandolin that Howard "Sonny" Morris built for me a couple of months back...it always had a rich and warm voice but is also finding some new volume and fullness. Wow...



It was very cool to begin with. And I thought to update my previous post with two additions/modifications that I have added in the last month. First is this Dean tailpiece, which he calls "Tears of Job":


I hope to afford one of his mandolins some day, but in the mean time when he listed some extra cast tailpieces on the 'Cafe I jumped at the chance to at least have one, and man, is it nice:


And not too bad of an install. I can't really say if it has made too much difference in the tone compared to the previous one (see numerous Cafe debates on this subject), but it surely adds to the aesthetic.

And the other addition is this Tone-Gard, courtesy of a Cafe member who responded to my WTB post:


and it DOES make an immediate and noticeable difference playing standing up.

What fun....

Happy picking, everyone,