View Full Version : A4 Gibson snakehead scam on Ebay

Dec-12-2008, 1:43pm
There is a Gibson A4 snakehead on Ebay that I believe is a scam. The pictures are the ones of my mandolin I sold about 1 week ago to a gentleman who is not the current seller. This person even used my description. Some of you may remember the mandolin as there were some comments about the finish, which I ignorantly used some lemon oil to clean up. It looked fishy to you. Anyway the mandolin sold in less than a day. I don't know how to get the information from ebay into this post, otherwise I'd put it in. I did contact the seller via email and told him I would report this to ebay. Does anyone know how to report fraud to Ebay?

Dec-12-2008, 1:54pm
There's a "Report this item" link in the "Other options" section at the very bottom of the eBay listing page.

The joker who placed this ad does this sort of thing all the time. Fortunately, eBay usually shuts his/her ads down in a day or so. This is the type of fraud that eBay is actually concerned about, because it costs them money.

Dec-12-2008, 2:02pm
I tried to report this from that option, but I keep getting that the page can't be accessed.

Dec-12-2008, 2:22pm
Were you signed in to eBay?

Dec-12-2008, 5:25pm
That was it. Signing in allowed me to make the report. I notice this same seller has several mandolins listed.