View Full Version : New Mando - sort of

Doug Edwards
Dec-11-2008, 11:30am
After 30 years the old buckle and belt gave it up. I could not find what I wanted for a buckle, so I made one. Pewter buckle with i/b/i bound Ebony insert. the mandolin is gold & black MOP with Abalone. Quite a bit of work for such a simple thing.

Skip Kelley
Dec-11-2008, 1:21pm
Doug, that is very nice! One can tell you put alot of good work into it!

Dec-11-2008, 1:50pm
If an instrument is gonna get belt buckle rash, that's the one to do it!

Nice work there.

Dec-12-2008, 12:20pm
Doug, You are a man of many talents. You need to go ahead and build a mandolin. I can't wait to play it, if you do.

Doug Edwards
Dec-12-2008, 1:02pm
Hey Ron,

I have a couple on the back burner right now. A Cedar two point and Red Spruce F style with one piece big Leaf Maple backs. They are still packed up from the move to Kerrville.

I'm set up and working out of the garage right now until I can get my shop built out back. Check out my backyard pets on the Contact page of the website.

Dec-17-2008, 12:40pm
Ahhh, very nice dinner, I mean pets. :)