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Dec-07-2008, 6:40pm
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Not much more that two weeks of time left for Christmas shopping, and we'd like to make the job easier for a mandolinist, or friend/family to get something unique for this year's holiday. Whether it's for you or a simple suggestion for someone to get for you, the following are ideas that we can get to you in a timely manner, if you order yet this week. We make every attempt to ship things out same or next day.

Premium "Getting Into Jazz Mandolin" Limited Edition T-shirt. This will be a narrow opportunity to purchase a black long-sleeve version of this special commemorative shirt featuring the cover of this new Mel Bay book. An elegant black silhouette and ready for winter weather, a shirt like this speaks volumes about the tastes of its wearer. Purchase Information (http://jazzmando.com/gijm_jazzmando_shirt.shtml)

JM11 flatwound mandolin strings. If you haven't tried these for yourself yet, why not treat yourself now? One of the least expensive ways of upgrading your instrument's sound (besides practicing, of course) is a new set of strings. Why not now? Purchase Information (http://jazzmando.com/jazzmando_jm11_flatwound_strings.shtml)

"Getting Into Jazz Mandolin" book. Maybe you want a second one for your office or a copy for one of your friends; treat someone to the wonderful fretboard journey of this breakthrough mandolin method book. Only relevant to the jazzer? Hardly--plenty of mando knowledge for ANY mandolinist of any genre seeking better playing ability and technique. Purchase Information (http://jazzmando.com/gijm_20835bcd.shtml)

JazzMando Pick pack. Strings are the least expensive way to improve your tone? Wrong. A new pick is significantly less expensive and can have a profound impact on your sound. Give these a try! Purchase Information (http://jazzmando.com/jazzmando_picks.shtml)

Jupiter Silkweave "Clean up the rest of the band" cloth special. How about our new 5 for 4 special on Jupiter Silkweave cloths? You've always wanted your guitar player to clean his guitar, but didn't know how to express it tactfully. Now's your chance; "Merry Christmas, Mr. Pig!" Purchase Information (http://jazzmando.com/silkweave_cloth.shtml)

Support the website with a purchase from the JazzMando Merchandise Center (http://jazzmando.com/buy.shtml), this Christmas.

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