View Full Version : Ward Elliott Mando #63

Dec-04-2008, 7:03pm
Here's my new A5 style Elliott mando.

Red spruce top, hard maple back & sides. Slab cut one piece back. Stainless steel frets. Scooped extension with sterling silver wire faux frets. Tone bars. MOP nut. James tailpiece. Fretboard compound radius 7.5-20. Grover tuners. Double bound side/top. Neck shaped to match my Henderson & stained to match also.

Great volume & tone now; can't wait to hear next year.

Happy camper!!:)

John Hill
Dec-04-2008, 7:13pm
That is sharp! Love the 1 piece back.

David Houchens
Dec-05-2008, 7:05am
Phil, I just saw and heard one of Ward's A's that my friend Henry Boitnott got about a year ago. Great mandolin. Look for yours to just get better and better. David

Dec-05-2008, 7:44am
Thanks David.

I'm pretty sure it was Henry's mando that I saw being finished last year when I started talking to Ward. His was a beautiful mandolin and I understand that he's a good player.

Tripp Johnson
Dec-05-2008, 7:56am
Great looking mandolin, enjoy!

Dec-05-2008, 8:01am
Congratulations Phil; it's a real beauty! I'm looking forward to checking it out at Kamp, if not sooner. (Now all you need is a two-point, an electric, and an oval hole.) I know your Henderson is a killer mando, so if another called your name, it must be something special too.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy it. :mandosmiley:

Dec-05-2008, 8:59am
Very nice A5. Congrats!

Dec-05-2008, 9:11am
Lovely woods! Congratulations on it. Play it in good health and spirits.


Mark Walker
Dec-05-2008, 4:04pm
VERY nice! Looks like a keeper to me!


Skip Kelley
Dec-06-2008, 9:42am
That mandolin looks awesome! Love the slab cut maple. The burst is absolutely perfect!