View Full Version : string size for cgda and cfgBb

Dec-04-2008, 6:55am
I have a 23"scale goldtone tenor guitar.i'am tuning it with a tuner and i have tune the last 3 strings c3-g4-d4-and it seem to me that the tenson is getting to tight to make it to a4 on first string. I'am using strings 12-16-24-32- and i'am thinking about trying c-f-g-Bb

Pete Martin
Dec-04-2008, 12:05pm
I can only seem to get .010s to tune up to A. Even .015s break most of the time just flat of A. If you find anything different, I'm all ears.

Dec-04-2008, 4:05pm
Yes - Your C and G strings should be about the right guage, but the treble strings are way too heavy. I have experimented a little but use gauges of about 35/25/14/10 for CGDA . Some players use even lighter, but I like a bit heavier strings for the bass. These guages work ok with me to tune down a step to BbFCG.

For GDAE tuning you will need considerably heavier bass strings - there is another thread discussing this. Maybe in the neighborhood of 48 on the bottom and 12 on the top, but you may need a wound A string (like a 20-22 guage).

Dec-04-2008, 4:48pm
Martin and D'Addario both make tenor sets ... either one works for CGDA tuning on my tenor.

Dec-05-2008, 10:10am
PETE I'am using D'addario ej16 guitar strings 12-16-24-32- and i got it to tune in ,what i did was take it very slow.When tuning i would get it close then wait for 10 minutes,and then get it closer and wait again.I used this on line tuner http://www.hotshare.net/en/file/87728-689298873d.html this will tune to to differant octaves tune to c3 g3 d4 a4 let me know if that helps(you might not need to wait ,but i did):cool:

Charles E.
Dec-05-2008, 8:14pm
I have used both Martin and D'Addario tenor sets and I like the D'Addario J66-tenor guitar/bronze set the best. They seem to last a little longer.