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Don Grieser
Feb-06-2004, 3:56pm
Here's a link to a Unicorn & Mustang mandolin for sale at Gryphon's with a reverse scroll. It looks like you could still use the scroll as a strap hanger. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/cool.gif


Feb-06-2004, 4:06pm
It looks a little fragile-- like it might just break right off from the pull.

Feb-06-2004, 5:01pm
And just when I thought the scroll made a dandy strap holder...

Coy Wylie
Feb-06-2004, 5:53pm
What would really be interesting is a total reversal F sort of like the Fender Jimmie Hendrix reissue... the scroll would be on the bottom.

Marty Jacobson
Feb-06-2004, 8:01pm
Willard, I think such a thing is possible. However, one would have to interpret the reference to the usual F-5 scroll in such a way that it doesn't actually look too much like a Gibsonesque scroll. I do find the idea interesting, and I've expended much graphite toying with the idea, but I think it could become analogous to a burning flag if not balanced with the rest of the instrument -- just because it's different doesn't mean it's original, and it's easy to design something which is a perversion rather than a permutation.
I'm sure some luthier will come up with something tasteful along these lines and surprise us all.

I think the Unicorn is brilliant -- a little more delicate, lends a double-take that doesn't seem to go away, and that wee appropriation of the old Gibson 3rd point, near the scroll button, borders on genius. Super cool.. and yet still very much in keeping with the spirit and era-independent classy grace of the original.

Feb-06-2004, 10:39pm
I've had the pleasure of playing one of Taku's mandolins and a jazz archtop and they were both perfection in every way. The stuff this guy does with wood is incredible. I was looking over the trapeze tailpice on the archtop, it looked machine made. I asked him if he had it made and he matter of factly said he made it. His comment was it's only wood. You have to see his stuff live to believe it. I believe you could hang from the scroll and it wouldn't break, it's a solid carved block. It's so well done it reminds me of that little thing they used to put randomly in the old Mad magazines, the thing that looked like a fork, messes wid ya.

Feb-06-2004, 11:07pm
Jeepers, did you check out that Gibson F-2 (http://www.gryphonstrings.com/instpix/21521/21521.html) they have? That's gorgeous!


Mar-28-2004, 1:10am
It looks like a 2-point with a tumor! LOL!