View Full Version : What's Happening Jump

Dec-02-2008, 4:54pm
Any chance of setting the Message Board jump from the 'What's Happening' Tab to go to 'The First New Post'?

Scott Tichenor
Dec-02-2008, 5:49pm
I don't know of any 'What's Happening' tab on this site. There's a 'Happening Now...' reference on the Cafe home page (http://www.mandolincafe.com/). Are you desiring some different type of behavior from something there?

Dec-03-2008, 2:51pm
You know that's just amazing. I look at the front page and see Happening Now and move two screens and it becomes What's Happening...:redface:

Well in the Happening Now section when I go to the message tab, if I see something of interest or that I have been following and hit the hotlink it takes me to the last post. I was just wondering if it could be set to go to the first unread post instead.

Scott Tichenor
Dec-03-2008, 4:39pm
Here's why it's set that way. There are threads here that have gone on for years, and guess what? They continue to go on for years. Many go on for months and are followed by the same users. Sending them to the first post and then forcing navigation to the final or most recent post would be a very cumbersome practice in my opinion.

Under quick links or new posts you can choose the option to view the first or last post. That's built into the forum software.