View Full Version : My New Heiden

Nov-29-2008, 12:28pm
Thought I would post a couple of photos of Heiden A-41, about 3 weeks old. Red maple slab cut back, maple sides and a sitka top. Sounds wonderful already, very balanced and deep toned. Michael now only lives a litlle over an hour away from me which is also great. 20 minutes from Jamie Weins and an hour from Michael Heiden.

Nov-29-2008, 12:48pm
Great finish color, and I like the look of the bound body with unbound neck and peghead.

Mike Bromley
Nov-29-2008, 1:12pm
Gawrsh, it must be tough to be sandwiched between two superbuilders....lol

Nov-29-2008, 8:52pm
Very nice mandolin. I bet it sounds great. But I'm a little biased! ;-)

Ivan Kelsall
Nov-30-2008, 4:36am
It certainly looks 'the business'. My late Canadian friend,David Tinkoff,from Ottawa had a Heiden F-5 which he ordered from Michael Heiden & had shipped out to him. He described the sound as 'fantastic,straight out of the box'. I suppose that's what you expect from a top luthier though,& Michael Heiden is up there with the very best,

Nov-30-2008, 3:13pm
Stunning mandolin. I would love to see a few more detailed jpegs if you have the time and motivation. You must be so pleased.

John Hill
Nov-30-2008, 3:18pm
Love the look of that mando! Bet the sound ain't too far from super either.

Nov-30-2008, 7:31pm
Hey Rockies I saw that mandolin while it was being finished.
Folks, it looks a whole lot better in person than the pictures show.
It is truly a great looking mandolin and has a wonderful feel to it.
I didn't see it strung up but I'll bet it does sound great if it is anything like a couple of others that he has in the shop.
He has a shiney new F-style sitting there which became available, that is just great if a person had the money.
Unfortunately I don't, or I would be sitting here with it in my lap.

I don't normally even consider F styles but this one was there and wanting to come home with me but I had to leave without it. Oh well,,,

Nov-30-2008, 8:44pm
Beautiful. Enjoy it in health and have fun:)

Ken Olmstead
Nov-30-2008, 9:04pm
That is wonderful! I have only had the oppotunity to play 2 Heidens and they were both magnificent!! Congrats!