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Nov-26-2008, 5:58pm
Howdy folks! I apologize for the lack of mando content here, but I know that a lot of us mando pickers play or are at least interested in tenor guitars. So here is a little video i whipped up today of me playing a tune on my tenor. The guitar itself is a early 60's harmony archtop, and I macgyvered a kent armstrong tele pickup onto it. The whole guitar is pretty shotty looking at best(its missing most of the frets past the 12th), but it plays alright. Tell me what you think. Enjoy!
Oh yeah, almost forgot, here's the link

Nov-26-2008, 6:24pm
Very nice!

Michael Cameron
Nov-26-2008, 8:53pm
Thanks for the viddy and info on the guitar. Nice pickin'!

I don't remember how I came to know a 3rd or C-part of Fisher's;but,very few play that part.

Anyone else play a third part to Fisher's Hornpipe? (or did I just make it up)...



Bertram Henze
Nov-27-2008, 4:32am
Convincing slightly-distorted electric sound, good playing - but would not have been complete without that ceiling fan! :mandosmiley: