View Full Version : Now where was I?

Nov-26-2008, 5:36pm
Fairly often, I go back the next day and see my post and the further conversation. When I made my entry, I did not think I wanted to have an email sent to me. So when I revisit mandolin cafe I can't remember what area it was under, builders, general questions, photo of your mando etc. I'm not very good at searching but I'd like to have a 'history' of my previous activities. Is there a way to do this?

Nov-26-2008, 5:53pm
Sure. There are several ways.

In the Search Button, Go Advanced Search. Use the box for your user name and type it in. Under the options you can set a date range of yesterday, your last visit (kind of pointless in this case), or longer.

Another way is to click on your name in a post and then click Find More Posts by user name you clicked on.

Finally, you can go to your profile page by clicking on your name where it shows you logged in as you. Then click the Statistics tab. In the first box for Total Posts there is a link to Find All Posts by user who's profile you are in.