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Nov-25-2008, 5:00pm
JazzMando What's New - We've just been privy to a glimpse of the latest luthier magic of Oregon builder Andrew Mowry. You might recall we had the honor of spending quality time with a gorgeous blonde--one of Andrew's asymmetrical Two-point mandolins (read review (http://jazzmando.com/mowry_twopoint.shtml)) in the Summer of 2007.

http://jazzmando.com/images/Mow_face-thumb.jpg (http://jazzmando.com/images/Mow_face.jpg)
(click pictures for close-up)

He's doing the final sanding on a batch of instruments, and though none are intentionally jazz-specific, we've always found his work fascinating and worthy of global attention. The photo of the tenor guitar/octave back below is of an instrument will have four strings, and will be tuned mostly as an octave mando. It will have a custom Kent Armstrong humbucker and an internal K & K, run to a stereo jack. Next to it is a photo of the figured maple blank that a made for Kent from which to cast the pickup.

http://jazzmando.com/new/archives/images/AM_tenor_octave-thumb.jpg (http://jazzmando.com/new/archives/images/AM_tenor_octave.jpg) http://jazzmando.com/new/archives/images/AM_pickup_form-thumb.jpg (http://jazzmando.com/new/archives/images/AM_pickup_form.jpg)

http://jazzmando.com/new/archives/images/AM_guitar_octave_pair-thumb.jpg (http://jazzmando.com/new/archives/images/AM_guitar_octave_pair.jpg)

The two hanging instruments are a matching octave and parlor guitar, both with the same body, headed to a multi-instrumentalist in the Seattle area. The final one is an A model hybrid, of which he's been building quite a few lately. He also had some F5s in this batch, but of course that tired design is old news...

http://jazzmando.com/new/archives/images/AM_A4_hybrid-thumb.jpg (http://jazzmando.com/new/archives/images/AM_A4_hybrid.jpg)

You'll be hearing plenty more about this dynamic builder!

Builder's Website: Mowry Strings (http://www.mowrystrings.com/)

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