View Full Version : Pictures - Is there a way to remove an incorrectly posted one ?

Ivan Kelsall
Nov-20-2008, 5:21am
I recently attached the wrong pic.to a post & i didn't know how to remove it - is there a simple way to do this,
Saska :confused:

Ted Eschliman
Nov-20-2008, 7:29am
Simple Moderator behind-the-scenes request; we're happy to help out, but what we have to do is delete the post and have you resubmit the correct one.

Scott Tichenor
Nov-20-2008, 8:45am
Ted, you may be correct. However, I'm not absolutely sure, but I think there's a way to remove these in the admin tools I have. I'd like to research this so if you'll send me the link to that image, saska, I'll look into it.

Nov-20-2008, 11:29am
We have determined a way to remove a photo from a post upon request/need without deleting the post. If you have uploaded the wrong image (and greater than 3 hours have elapsed and you can't remove it your self). PM the moderator of the section of the post and we will do it for you.

If you're within the Edit window timeframe, you can do the following yourself.

Click Edit for your post.
Click Go Advanced.
Click the Paperclip to manage attachments
In the pop up window click remove for the attachment you wish to delete.
Then Save the changes.

This works for any attachement to a post.


Ted Eschliman
Nov-20-2008, 11:30am
I stand corrected.

Ivan Kelsall
Nov-20-2008, 1:01pm
Guys,many thanks.The pic i posted was of a 'braided' mando.strap rather than the 'flat' strap that i'd intended,so the original thread poster got 2 pics.for the price of one - i will be more careful in the future - warmest regards,

Andy Fielding
Jun-21-2010, 5:09pm
I can see how to add/remove attachments to a post—but how do you delete an attachment from your general "attachments" collection? I can't find any way to do that.

Scott Tichenor
Jun-21-2010, 6:03pm
If you mean your image album, go to Settings > Attachments and select what image you want removed, but if you've embedded it in any web pages or if others have it will create a broken image.

Andy Fielding
Jun-26-2010, 7:17pm
Okay. I've done this:

1. Clicked "Settings" (at top of page, in banner—or did you mean somewhere else?).

2. Clicked "Attachments" in menu at left.

3. A list of my posts containing attachments appears.

If I click one of the links with the attachment's filename, my browser asks me if I want to open that attachment (locally). If I click the thread or post title, that thread or post appears. Where's this option to select and remove stuff? Can't find it. Pardon me if I'm being dense.