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Nov-19-2008, 6:11pm
Say cheese!

Finally got some dry weather -- I've been wanting to do this for a while. Here are some of the notable e-mandos currently taking up space in my instrument room. Actually, the Hondo and the Fender FM62SCE will be on the way to their new owners later today; I wanted to give them a proper sendoff. This isn't quite everything I have, but it's everything that would fit on the pallet.

Front: Gibson EM-200 Florentine, mid-60s.
Row 2: Hondo 8-string, Roger Bacorn 5-string.
Row 3: Fender FM62SCE, Joseph Yanuziello 8-string, Fender FM-984.
Row 4: National Silvo, Roberts Tiny Moore 5-string (the new kid).

Everyone seems to be getting along. I took more photos from different angles; you can see them here (http://flickr.com/search/?q=emando%20group%20shot&w=9627770%40N07).

Nov-19-2008, 7:05pm
Nice collection, Martin. Will you post a photo of the amps?


Nov-19-2008, 7:10pm
Very Nice mandolins!, how do you guys find the time to play all those?

Nov-19-2008, 7:26pm
That EM-200 makes me feel all tingly. Wish it had a bound headstock though. I dont like unbound f-style headstocks personally. Still would love love love to have one, but I just dont have the means right now.

My plain jane mandobird feels all sad now, look what you did!

I'm becoming more and more a solid body electric player when I'm like. Its just so much easier! No feedback, no worries. A little buzz now and then but whatever. I'm not sure how I would live without a volume knob...

Nov-19-2008, 7:31pm
Was that the Roberts at Gruhn's?

I wanna see more shots of the Thormahlen! Is that electric too?

Nov-19-2008, 9:55pm
Nice photo Martin!

That EM-200 makes me feel all tingly.
EM-200s have made me tingly for years!

I just bought the '59 that Bernunzio had marked down in their fall sale! :grin:

Ken Olmstead
Nov-20-2008, 1:00am
That is a really nice collection!!

Nov-20-2008, 3:41am
To answer questions, there is only one amp, a Fender Blues Jr., and the Roberts came my way in a private transaction a couple of weeks ago. The Thormahlen is an acoustic/electric octave mando shaped like a Gibson Explorer. Believe it's the only one Dave Thormahlen made in that style. Bernunzio's '59 EM200 was a screamin' deal and I don't blame Jeff for pulling the trigger on it.

Now that two of these instruments have been shipped off, perhaps I should redo the shot with the Thormahlen and the Old Wave electric mandola ... and maybe the St. George if I get it fixed, and the Rigel R100 when I get it back from Duane ...

Nov-20-2008, 10:01am

Nov-26-2008, 11:00am
(Homer Simpson drooling sound)
Mmmmmmm, Emandos....

Hiding a National Silvo and a Roberts behind a couple of Fenders reminds me of a maxim an "exotic dancer" taught me:
Reveal, conceal.

Nice collection of instrument stands you got there, too. It's good to be king.

Ted Eschliman
Nov-27-2008, 8:21am
Love the Fender Blues Jr. amp! Built just right for the emando register.