View Full Version : Beautiful Resophonic Mandolins

Michael Wolf
Nov-17-2008, 4:45pm
These unique Reso Mandos are made by Andreas "Pendennis" Köpke from Nothern Germany. http://www.bouzouki.de/index.html
These are unfortunately not mine, but I'm fortunate to own two wonderful Mandos from him (A5 and A2) and his instruments are certainly among the best in workmanship and sound.

In this thread you can also see a Reso Tenor that Andreas built based on a Chanticleer Metal body: http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=45465

Stephen Lind
Nov-17-2008, 5:25pm
how about that Skandola?:cool::cool::cool:

if these instruments sound and play as good as they look...

Chris Willingham
Nov-17-2008, 6:11pm
Beautiful! Anybody have a sound clip? Most reso mandos on youtube sound cheap. These look like the real deal.

Michael Wolf
Nov-17-2008, 6:55pm

here's some more info from the owner of the Skandola: http://www.skandola.de/