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Nov-10-2008, 1:35pm
Hi all;

It's been a while since I've been around - very busy. I looked around the site for almost an hour trying to figure out how to post a tune over on the MP3 section of the site. Can anyone point me in the proper direction. Thanks in advance!


Scott Tichenor
Nov-10-2008, 2:12pm
Direct copy and paste from the top of the MP3 page :)

Free mandolin music we'd like you to hear. Support these artists by purchasing their CDs. Contact us if you have a commercially available recording and would like to be listed here. Music here is offered here with the artist's permission and may be downloaded for personal use, but may not be repackaged or resold.

Nov-10-2008, 2:14pm
Thanks - I'll give it a try - maybe I 'overthought' the problem!:)

Hmmm.. okay I'm back... I'm very tech savy but has got me wacked. I don't see a Copy and Paste anywhere on the page. So sorry to appear neophyte - but honestly I can't figure it out Scott!


Bob Wiegers
Nov-10-2008, 2:27pm
Scott's just messin' with you (sorta...he just copied the text from the page...not telling YOU to copy TO the page)

anyway, you can't post to the MP3 section directly...if you're an artist (and meet the above qualifications) then send your stuff to Scott and maybe he'll put it up.

Nov-10-2008, 2:32pm

Appreciate the clarity. I misunderstood his subtlety and appreciate the sentiment.


Nov-10-2008, 6:21pm
Don, most folks just post a link to a Youtube video or some other place that they can park an MP3.